I feel a little weird every time someone asks me about my age. Not because I’m worried about it or because it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t.


However, each time I answer this question, the reaction is one of shock and surprise. And it happens so often and without fail that I don’t even look out for that “No way, really??” look on their face. I just state my age and move on with the conversation.


But it does get me thinking…


How come so many other people my age look so much older than me? Why do I seem to effortlessly keep my youthful appearance, even though the date on my ID tells a very different story?


And yes, I do make an effort to eat healthy and exercise. But I’m far from ideal and often lack discipline in these areas. And, to be absolutely honest with you, I actually believe it’s something else…


As a Tantra practitioner, I regularly move sexual energy through my body.


I have now taught thousands of individuals about the amazing healing, energizing and rejuvenating qualities of our orgasmic charge. Your erotic charge can literally create a new life – a baby – when expelled out of a man’s body and connected with a woman’s sexual centre. And when that charge is consciously moved and expanded inside of our own bodies – it creates more life for ourselves.


And since, most of the time we experience arousal, we’re not actually planning to become parents, it just makes sense to me to use that potent energy to invigorate our own bodies.


But did you know that your orgasmic energy is much more powerful than that? On top of increasing your wellbeing, it can literally blow life into any desire, wish or goal that you have in your life. Your orgasms can charge your dreams and make them come true!


Isn’t that magical?…


Over the years, I’ve used my orgasms to manifest things like trips, money, lovers, a car, a community, more joy and better health among other things.


There is no limit to the creative power of our sexual energy and all it takes is willingness to try. Sex Magic is real magic. It involves entering a state of altered consciousness created by surrendering to states of high arousal. Once there, the mind can bliss out, while the body is flooded with amazing erotic pleasure. When the vision of your desired goal is then included in this experience, a powerful alchemical transformation can happen, allowing the goal to be activated, charged and released into the Universe on the wave of orgasm.


This is the most potent form of manifestation known to man


…because it combines our desire with nature’s ultimate creative force – sexual energy. And I teach all about that process in my online course Manifesting with Sex Magic.


The course is currently on special and is available at a 50% discount with coupon code MAGIC (only until tomorrow!).


So if you’re ready to infuse your body, mind and life with more amazing things that you desire and if you’d like to learn how to use a powerful Sex Magic ritual to achieve that, check out my online course. And make sure to let me know what you manifest with your newfound orgasmic power!


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