Whenever I talk to my clients about orgasms, I need to explain what I mean by that word. Because to anybody that practices Tantra and tantric sex, the word ‘orgasm’ gains a whole new meaning.


Typically and conventionally, the word ‘orgasm’ is understood as a climax of sexual pleasure that happens in the genital region, lasts a few seconds and is accompanied by contractions of the pelvic floor and for men – by ejaculation.


However, that’s just one type of orgasm.


It’s the most commonly known one and in my experience – the least satisfying. When I train people in expanding their orgasmic potential, I want them to first of all understand, that they’re capable of much more than that physiological genital release.


For any tantric lover, orgasm becomes a state of blissful oneness with everything. It’s an experience of dissolving, melting and merging with the energy of the entire Universe in an ecstatic state of trance. It’s an experience where you lose yourself, lose the barriers of your physical body and energetically expand outward in a delightful act of orgasmic ecstasy that can last minutes or hours.


But… there’s a catch here.


In order to be able to reach this kind of state of expanded orgasm, you absolutely need to be able to surrender. And that is something that many people struggle with. The surrender I’m talking about here has nothing to do with submission – you’re not submitting yourself or your will to another person. No! What I mean here is an utter and complete surrender to your pleasure, a complete immersion in your physical experience and letting go of the voice of the mind in order to simply BE in the body.


And that kind of surrender is difficult. In the world where we’re trained to always live in the head, being in the body can be tricky, new and challenging. I get it! I used to be there and I worked hard to develop my ability to surrender to my sexual experience. And I did that because the payoff is immense…


Imagine orgasmic pleasure expanding in waves of shivers, tingles…


… starting in your genital area and then growing outwards into the rest of your being. Imagine having absolutely no thoughts in your head because your entire world is a trance-like state of deep ecstatic pleasure. Imagine feeling like your entire body vibrates with electric energy so intensely that you can’t feel the bed underneath you and you don’t even know where your body starts and ends.


That’s the kind of orgasmic state that is immersive, long-lasting, nurturing and deeply satisfying on many levels. That’s the kind of orgasm that leaves you feeling nourished, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.


And that’s the kind of orgasm that requires deep surrender.


I speak in much more detail about surrender and cultivating your sexual potential in my Orgasmic Empowerment online course for women. In the course, I also share a wealth of practical tools and exercises that help women develop their orgasms and erotic pleasure in order to become a fully activated and charismatic woman.


Make sure to check out my course or get in touch with me about my 1on1 sessions!


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