As a sex coach, I see the world a bit differently than others. I see it through the lens of sexual behaviours, desires and needs. I can quickly assess and determine what a person needs to create a healthier, much more fulfilling and satisfying intimacy in their life. I can see where they’re blocking their pleasure and how they’re repressing or hiding their eroticism.

And what makes my blood boil is when these people fall prey to advertising that takes advantage of their insecurities between the sheets. There are products created for both men and women that promise to fix us and improve our experience in the bedroom. These products and services can cost up to thousands of dollars, while not offering any actual benefit in return.

These companies attempt to profit from the fact that as a society we’re not educated properly about sex. And in many cases we don’t realize that there are simple ways to support and cultivate our sexuality, ways that don’t require any products, or expense.

Watch my video to learn what made my blood boil this week!



P.S. For all the ladies craving more pleasure, sensitivity and sensuality in their bodies, my Orgasmic Empowerment online course is a simple and natural way to take your body on a path of sexual healing and transformation.



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