I have a dream…


It may be uncommon and strongly influenced by my professional background and my personal history but… hear me out!


I dream of a world where sexuality is revered and celebrated, where pleasure is cherished, where body is honoured and deeply respected. I hope to see young people guided by their families into the world of sacred sexual unions, creating deep, intimate relationships with others, giving and receiving pleasure in a loving, conscious way.


Lack of sexual satisfaction in modern world is a real problem.


Sexuality has been repressed so strongly over the last few hundred years that this subject has become taboo. Even parents barely talk to their children about it, not that they actually know much since they have never been properly advised either.


We take our first steps into the world of sexuality based on the guidance of porn and movies that show sex as a quick meeting of genitals, full of excitement and friction. These fast, heated encounters often lead to struggle to orgasm, premature ejaculation and sexual frustration. However, we convince ourselves that we like it that way since we all want to be great lovers. But deep inside we feel empty and disappointed…


For so many people the teachings of Tantra feel like coming home.


Every time I complete a session with a client or when I run a tantric workshop, I see joy and excitement shining in people’s eyes. The joy is sometimes bittersweet as they realize how much they’ve been missing out on so far. But tantric practices always bring us to a place of amazement, gratitude and peace – like we’re finally getting to understand our true nature when it comes to our eroticism.


I completely sympathize with these reactions because I can still remember years of sexual reppression, dissatisfaction and pain in my own life – always thinking that there was something wrong with me but having no idea how to fix it. My ex partners never wanted to talk about sex and I didn’t know back then how to have that conversation either. So we kept going for years – frustrated and sexually empty.


Within just a few months of practicing Tantra, I developed a deep connection to my own body and pleasure (and particularly my pussy which is now extremely orgasmic!). I also gained a better understanding why sex never felt that good before. After asking myself for years ‘what am I doing wrong?’, I finally had my ‘aha!’ moment and was able to start changing all the toxic conditioning and limiting beliefs that I had carried with me for a very long time…


Society gives us all the wrong messages about sex – it’s shameful, it’s wrong.


So we try (often subconsciously) to get done with it as quickly as we can, especially when we’re teenagers. This early conditioning teaches our bodies to tense up in order to get to the orgasm/ejaculation bit as quickly as possible. And the whole thing ends up being a rushed, disconnected, shallow experience for both men and women.


But sex is not shameful or bad. Quite the opposite – it’s beautiful and sacred! It’s a source of all life and creation, it’s a source of our life force, our pleasure and a wonderful way to connect with others on a deep, intimate level.


So let’s change the way we educate our children about their bodies and erotic desires.


Instead of getting tense and embarrassed about sex, let’s talk to them about touch, intimacy and masturbation in an open, accepting way. These are all very natural parts of life and by denying them, we’re denying our biology and human nature.


It’s obviously essential to be aware of a need for protection and safe sex practices. However, once that awareness is there, sexuality should be enjoyed, explored and treasured as a divine gift to every single human being. And with tantric practices, it’s much easier to create deep, intimate relationships with others and to give sexuality back its sacred status.


And if you’re not sure how to begin, check out my Tantra for Beginners course for an easy, to-the-point and completely free information about Tantra!


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