I love to spend a few minutes every morning, connecting to each body part and creating a deep sensitivity in my entire system.
Sometimes I spend there 5 mins, sometimes 30.
But each time, I reach a state of deep bliss and orgasmic vibrancy tingling and vibrating through my entire body.
When I do this before sex, my partner’s touch becomes electric and the pleasure travels deep into my core.

Many of my clients say: “I’m stuck in the head, my mind just won’t stop racing! How do I get out of my head during sex?”.
This is extremely common and very detrimental to our experience of sexual pleasure and intimacy.

And I can completely relate to that because the same thing was my experience for many years.
From very young age I learned to glorify my thinking mind over my feeling body and over the years I was disconnecting from my physical senses more and more.

During sex my head was full of thoughts and I struggled to feel any pleasure at all.
I had no idea what my body wanted to feel or what I could ask for during sex.
I lacked two ingredients crucial for deep pleasure and blissful orgasms:

Embodiment is a concept I only became familiar with when I started studying Tantra and somatic sexology.
And it’s been resonating with me strongly from the first time I heard about it.
Our feeling bodies are as important as the thinking minds. One is not superior to the other.
We both think and feel and both experiences are valid, beautiful and profound.

Due to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, our behaviours and habits shape the way we feel in our bodies.
Neural connections that are not used – weaken.
Nerve endings that we ignore – start to withdraw.
This means that if you don’t practice connecting to your body and pleasure on a regular basis, it becomes more and more difficult to enjoy the strokes and caresses of your lover.

I play with a variety of practices, in order to strengthen the connection to my body and to increase my sensitivity.
I shared some of my favourite practices in Week 3 of the Tantric Mastery program – a 7week online course for men who want to become tantric lovers.

I can also customize a practice just for you, depending on the experience of pleasure and ecstasy YOU want to create in the bedroom – contact me for details about my sessions.

The very first time I used these practices, my erotic pleasure more than doubled!
I was mind-blown!!!
I had no idea sex could feel this good 

Since then I re-sensitized my cervix, my G-spot, my breasts, my belly, my inner arms and thighs among other yummy body parts.
And the most amazing part of this practice is that there is no end to it!
You can endlessly keep re-sensitizing your body in order to reach deeper and deeper levels of pleasure.
I find that truly amazing 


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