Some time ago my partner Dave ran a workshop for men which created a media sensation. The workshop’s topic was “What women want”.


Dave was immediately contacted for interviews by TV, radio and newspapers. One of the TV producers admitted: “We asked around the office to see who knew what women wanted and nobody had any answers.” Everybody was curious and wanted to learn more. Dave was proclaimed a ‘love guru’ and one of the interviews was aired on national television.


Something very important was being highlighted that week – many, many men lack insight and understanding about women. Thousands of men were resonating with the question, yet had nowhere to turn to for answers.


Women can be hard to understand as their needs and wants change. All women are also very different and it’s hard to apply any blanket rules to them. As Dave himself admits:


“I don’t claim to understand everything about women. Every day I seek to learn more about women and understand them better. I’ve heard men respond with “no idea” when asked the question “What do women want?”  I think that’s a lazy response. Although there’ll always be an element of mystery about women, I believe there’s a lot that CAN be understood.”


So what DO women want?


A lot of men think that it’s good looks, money, big muscles or a sense of humour. And as much as these things can certainly add appeal, they’re only secondary to what women truly desire. Dave was able to discover a number of qualities that men can develop in themselves in order to create attraction, charisma and a powerful presence around women.


Some of these qualities are:

  • Ability to be relaxed and confident around women,
  • Letting go of neediness,
  • Deep understanding that your worth is not dependent on the approval of the woman in front of you,
  • Ability to hold onto yourself, your values and choices,
  • Direction in life,
  • Passion and purpose,
  • Ability to lead her when you’re together,
  • Etc.


Dave is no longer running these workshops. But in order to make his hard-earned knowledge available to men all over the world, I’ve teamed up with him to share our insights, tips and powerful techniques in a series of 31 video lessons. The videos are available online and can be currently accessed at a discounted price leading up to Xmas.


The What Women Want video series covers such topics as:


1/ Where to meet women,

2/ What women really want and how to give it to them,

3/ How to approach her in a way that opens her up and gives you the best chance of creating a connection with her,

4/ How to ask for her number and ask her out on a date,

5/ How to move things into the bedroom,

6/ Healthy relationship principles,

7/ and much more.


What Women Want principles are based on a very authentic and honest approach. There is no manipulative tricks contained in the course. Integrity and transparency are fundamental to the course content. So if you’re looking for a way to trick or manipulate women, this course is NOT for you!


If it’s a priority in your life to improve your romantic life in 2019, then take action on this opportunity today. And if you’re a woman who knows a man who could benefit from this material, then it might just be the best Xmas present he ever got.


Click here to learn more and to start your own What Women Want journey. Make sure to use the coupon code WWWXMAS at the checkout for a 50% discount!


Don’t let another Xmas roll around with the same old problems continuing in your romantic life. Take action and create the changes you want to see for yourself!



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