On one hand, I feel like there’s absolutely no need to convince anyone that they should be having orgasms. I think that we’re all more or less aware that orgasms are yum, delicious and amazing! It feels so good to approach one, to have one and to come back to Earth after having one.


AND don’t get me started on the multiples!…


But on the other hand, I’m also aware of various struggles and frustrations people face in their bedrooms. Some don’t have a partner and are not interested in self-pleasuring, others live in sexless relationships, others still struggle with sexual trauma, wounding, shame or toxic beliefs. All these things will affect the quality and frequency of our erotic experiences and hence – of our orgasms.


So in case you do experience some resistance and need a gentle push to ensure your orgasmic life is alive and well, here are some unexpected benefits of the blissful climax:


1/ Weight loss

Orgasms increase your levels of CCK (cholecystokinin) which causes the release of digestive enzymes and bile, and acts as a huger suppressant.


2/ Less stress & better mood

Oxytocin released during orgasm not only bonds you emotionally to your lover, it also combats the effects of cortisol in your body, lowering levels of stress and depression.


3/ More sex appeal

Regular sexual activity increases and optimises levels of estrogen and testosterone in women, which adds to their libido, improves their mood and creates more sex appeal. Men who orgasm often also enjoy higher levels of testosterone, adding to their strength, masculinity and wellbeing.


4/ Better sleep

Oxytocin and vasopressin (both released during orgasm) are involved in lowering the cortisol levels and controlling our circadian rhythm, helping us regulate the internal clock and sleep better.


5/ Improved social life

Numerous side effects of the oxytocin boost include improving your social skills and intuition, making you feel more social and trusting, and bonding better with others.


6/ Easier periods

Improved blood circulation to a woman’s pelvic area ensures higher levels of nutrients present, healthier tissues and supports a regular menstrual cycle.


7/ Better chances of getting pregnant

Women who orgasm during sex (after their partners do) retain more sperm. The increased oxytocin levels will also create healthier pregnancy and will help more women carry to term.


8/ Higher immunity

Orgasms boost infection-fighting cells which supports your body in fighting colds and flu.


9/ Higher life expectancy

According to studies conducted in Wales over the period of 10 years, people who orgasm regularly live longer than those who don’t. In fact, the difference is a mortality risk lowered by 50% which is quite amazing.


10/ More happiness

Although this one is pretty self-explanatory, the wellbeing caused by regular orgasms goes deeper than just an improved emotional state. Multiple chemical changes induced in the body during each orgasm affect your health in a myriad of ways, causing an improved wellbeing and a deeper general sense of life satisfaction.


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