I feel like it’s really time we talked about this very delicate topic. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m not afraid to address … sensitive subjects. So here it is – dick pics! The good, the bad, the ugly. Why so many men send them, why women typically feel offended by that and what to do to send a dick pic successfully and get a positive reaction from her.

Over the years I have received a ton of dick pics 

They’ve been pouring in through my email, Fb messenger, IG and even WhatsApp. Men seem compelled to expose their erect penises to me and while I appreciate the generous thought behind the photo, I’ve never had a desire to actually respond to these messages with pictures of my own naked genitalia.

When I hear from women who have received uninvited dick pics in their lives, they’re pretty much always offended, shocked or at least annoyed by the man behind the dick photo. And what’s really interesting about that is that there seems to be this huge miscommunication or a massive misunderstanding from both sides – the sender and the receiver of the dick pic – about the meaning of that photo…

Because upon conducting a little research of my own about this very topic, I asked some male friends how they would feel when receiving an uninvited picture of a naked vulva, particularly from a woman they didn’t know. To my surprise, their reaction was very positive – mostly interest, excitement, amusement and curiosity.

It turns out that men see a photo of exposed genitalia as a lovely and welcome invitation.

And so when they decide to send a dick pic, it’s in the hope that the female recipient will react in a positive way and that she’ll engage with him in some form of erotic exchange – meaning further photos or maybe even sexual intercourse at some point.

But that’s not what happens when a woman receives an uninvited dick pic – not at all! Instead of a happy surprise, she’ll most likely feel insulted or even disgusted. Because women see dick pics as an almost aggressive attempt to use her sexually. She’ll likely interpret the photo along the lines of “I’m a horny man and I want to stick my hard cock in your vagina”.

And that message really is not that appealing to women.

She doesn’t want to be seen as JUST a vagina. And she definitely doesn’t want her body to be used by him to just release his biological urges. For a woman to feel sexually aroused and to desire a particular cock, there are a few steps that need to happen first – she wants to get to know you a bit, she needs to feel attracted to you, she needs to be able to trust you enough to relax in your presence and she needs to feel safe with you, etc. So simply sending a photo of a hard cock to her inbox will be a lazy attempt to skip these steps. And that’s just not going to work.

So just to be clear, I’m talking here about uninvited dick pics from strangers. It’s actually a very different story when the man sending the dick pic is a partner or a lover of the woman. That’s obviously a different kind of situation. When you know each other well and you have been intimate together, these kind of sexy photos can be a lovely way to flirt or seduce each other. But when these pics come from a stranger, that bond and intimate connection is just not there.

How to send a dick pic successfully 

Now! If you REALLY want to send a dick pic to a stranger, there IS actually a way to do it in a caring and respectful way, in a way that will increase your chances of creating a positive reaction in her. And that’s asking for her permission before you send her any graphic content. That request can be as simple as “I would like to send you some adult photos or videos. Would you like to receive them?”

If she says “Yes”, then you can safely go ahead. By asking for her permission first, you’ve shown to her that you respect her and that she can feel comfortable around you. However, if she says “No”, do not send her the dick pic. Under any circumstances, do not send that photo. If you need to turn off your wifi because you cannot trust yourself to not send the dick pic, turn that wifi off!

This is really important, please do not overlook this step

Getting her permission first is the only way to achieve any level of success with your dick pic. It’s still not a guarantee that she’ll send any adult photos back OR have sex with you. But at least she won’t block you or think of you as a creep.

I hope that this helps in untangling the complex world of dick pics – both for the senders and the receivers of such photos. If you enjoyed this post, please comment below and let me know if you have ever sent or received a dick pic. And what your experience was with that!


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