I recently posted two different quotes on social media that deeply inspired me:


“You could have anything in the world you wanted if you were willing to ask 1,000 people for it.” – Byron Katie

“The harder I am on myself, the easier life is on me.” – Steve Chandler


Both quotes received a mostly negative feedback as people described them as ‘wrong’, ‘useless’, ‘immature masculine speaking’ and even a ‘fail’ among other comments. A lot of people disagreed with each quote and some gave elaborate reasons why.


The sentiment I heard most often in these comments was: “this optimistic thinking will never work, I’ve tried it before and it got me nowhere, this silly thinking has nothing to do with reality”. And it got me thinking – why are we so resistant to the idea that we’re powerful creators in our lives? Is it purely about our limiting beliefs that “we’re not that special”, “we don’t deserve that kind of success” or “we’re not good enough”?


Or maybe we’re just too lazy to do the work required for a massive success?


I also wondered whether maybe it was a case of misunderstanding the quoted words which were taken out of a certain context. Maybe people put these quotes through their own filter and interpreted them differently than I did. So let me explain why these particular words inspired me so strongly. And I’d love to hear back from you about your own understanding of these quotes.


Let’s start with the first one:

“You could have anything in the world you wanted if you were willing to ask 1,000 people for it.” – Byron Katie


Wow! This one hit me like a tonne of bricks. To date nobody managed to disprove it, mainly because people give up before they reach 1,000 people. But just think about it! Think about the dream you have, something you’re passionate about, something you’d TRULY want to create / accomplish / receive. And now sit down with your computer or a piece of paper and brainstorm the names of all the people that could help you out in some way. People that could mentor you, invest in you, offer you a scholarship, an opportunity to work alongside them to gain experience or an opportunity to pitch your idea to others. Business people, thinkers, entrepreneurs, investors, teachers, consultants, philanthropists…


Imagine sitting down with these people for a 1on1 conversation to discuss your dream. Are you still doubting?…


Ok, time to tackle the second quote:

“The harder I am on myself, the easier life is on me.” – Steve Chandler


I believe this to be true. I also believe the opposite to be true: The easier I am on myself, the harder life is on me.


I interpret “hard” to mean “disciplined”. And practically that means that if I get up early, work out regularly, skip junk food and eat healthy meals, work hard in my career and/or in my business, if I continue educating myself through books, classes, workshops, courses, degrees, etc., my life will keep getting better and easier.


But if I do the opposite – if I sleep in often, spend a lot of time on the couch watching Netflix and indulging in unhealthy foods, life will likely get pretty tough for me.


The way I see it, we all have a choice.


You either choose to keep going up, believing in yourself and creating the life of your dreams; or you choose to invalidate the idea about yourself as a powerful human being and stay exactly where you are now.


Which one will you choose?



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