Anybody who has dabbled in the world of online dating can testify to its convenience and ease of use. Within a few minutes, we gain access to thousands of single people in the area who we can contact, chat with and maybe even take on a date. This is an exciting prospect to anybody looking for romance – to be able to easily connect to others keen for a flirt, date, sex or more.


But online dating also has a darker side. With all this ease and convenience, many people don’t value the connections they’re making and they often disregard a romance opportunity in a chase of a new thrill. Others become deceptive in how they present themselves online, hiding their actual selves behind the safety of the computer screen. Others still use the online world to satisfy their own need for approval from potential dates, but fail to create real life experiences with them due to their fears, anxieties and wounding.


There are many pitfalls to online dating and being aware of them can create a much safer and more satisfying experience. Let me tell you a story about my own online dating heartbreak…

I’m curious about your experiences, good and bad!

And whether you were able to create a committed, loving relationship with someone you met online!


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