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“Great insight into Tantra for men”

Thanks Helena for providing a well explained, easy to follow, joyful presentation of Tantric Mastery for Men, at an affordable price. It has helped my understanding of Tantra and its techniques, and it has been a sexual awakening for me.

I look forward to getting better at pleasuring my partner with the skills you have given me. Enjoyed it! 

~Bob Allens

“When learning arouses deep pleasure”

My body looooved the weekly homework, which increased my energetic flow, mental clarity and sensual pleasure. 

Helena’s tips on giving a woman a tantric massage are pure gold. I started this course looking to measure my experience and knowledge of Tantra with a wisdom of a Tantra Teacher, and I finish it feeling like I am on the pathway to mastery.

~Nicholas Triandafyllou

“A must do course for any man”

This course will transform your life! Not just your lovemaking skills, but your entire life will change if you implement the practices that are offered. 

Good male lovers are hard to come by and women are naturally drawn to men with real presence and sensitivity. The practice of non-ejaculation is also key in taking your lovemaking experience to new dimensions you didn’t know existed! Thank you so much, Helena!!

~Mo Libertad


You might recognize me from my popular YouTube channel – I’m a certified Sexologist and one of Australia’s leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners.

I’m passionate about helping my clients overcome sexual difficulties and become the best lover they can be.

My mission is to spark a sexual revolution, breaking through the shackles of conditioning and empowering people to experience sex as natural, healthy, and utterly beautiful.



Week 1: Tantric Principles

  • Introduction
  • First tantric principle
  • Second tantric principle
  • Third tantric principle
  • Getting out of your head
  • Homework


Week 2: Your Love Muscle

  • Your love muscle
  • Using breath correctly
  • Ejaculation control
  • Masturbation training
  • Homework


Week 3: Increasing Sensitivity

  • Why we lack sensitivity
  • How to re-sensitize your body for more pleasure
  • We need more sex
  • Homework


Week 4: Using Tantric Rituals

  • Becoming present
  • Soul connection
  • Heart opening
  • Intimate embrace
  • Homework


Week 5: Female Sexuality

  • Sexual communication
  • Female arousal
  • Sexual healing
  • Touching with awareness
  • Homework


Week 6: Giving Her a Tantric Massage

  • What is a tantric massage
  • Breast massage
  • Yoni massage
  • Yoni massage strokes
  • Internal massage
  • Homework


Week 7: Tantric Orgasms

  • Different kinds of female orgasms
  • Full-body orgasm technique for men
  • Full-body orgasm presentation
  • Homework
  • What’s next?

TANTRIC MASTERY FOR MEN is a 7-week online course for men who want to become amazing lovers.


According to Tantra, sex and orgasm are a way to achieve spiritual awareness. When Shiva, male energy, and Shakti, female energy, come into a sexual union, they are able to reach the highest enlightenment.


We can all practice Tantric sex and obtain its benefits. This online program will teach you to control your arousal and give your woman more pleasure than she has ever experienced before! Tantric skills allow men to become multi-orgasmic and experience full-body ecstasy.


This course has been called “eye-opening”, “amazing experience” and even “enlightening”.

“A truly great course”

A truly great course, I really feel that the next girl who comes to my place is in for one hell of a treat!

~Martin Pavion

“Fantastic investment”

Bite size chunks, easy to digest. Provides a text summary of key points and also exercises to practice. Not just about man’s pleasure but touches on how to please your woman too – a good reminder for me on several points.

~Mick Morris