“When you really get the knack of enjoying breathing, it becomes absolutely divine”

– Diana Richardson.

I love this quote! Tantra teaches us to FEEL the present moment instead of thinking about it. Being in the present moment means paying full attention to what is happening in your body right now. Not to your ‘to do’ list, what you need to buy for dinner or what has happened at work that day. We have thousands of thoughts every day and breath helps us detach from them all. It helps us to deliciously hook into the present moment and to fully experience it.  It brings sensitivity and sensuality into our bodies which takes our lovemaking to a higher level of feeling and experiencing.


And breathing is so easy!

Start by paying attention to your own breath, the way it happens naturally. Do not try to control it, just observe it as it happens. Once you’re familiar with your breath, try to deepen it and slow it down. Draw the breath down to your tummy and feel it passing through your body. No need to use any complicated breathing techniques, just breathe and feel any sensations in the body caused by the passing air. Getting in touch with your body is a central concept in Tantra and it means slowing down your activities for that moment and becoming sensitive to your body. What does it feel like, where are you feeling it?


Feel and listen to your body and you might be surprised what it tells you!

In our modern society we all learn to shallow breathe, limiting the amazing effect the oxygen has on our bodies. This is caused by tension, stress, guilt, anxiety, etc. We do not nourish our bodies properly with oxygen and as a result they lack vitality. Deep slow breath can give us back radiance and strength that is our natural right! The more aware we are of our breath, the more we can enjoy it and the more receptive and sensual we can become. As you become more comfortable with deep breathing, try drawing the air all the way down to your genitals. This will open up your genital area and make it feel energized and awakened before your lover even touches you! So next time you get together with your partner, start by sitting down together for 10-15 minutes to prepare your body and mind. Turn your attention inward and feel your breath moving from your genitals all the way up to your head and then back down into your genitals. This will activate your sex energy and open your body up to your lover.


As you keep breathing this way during your lovemaking session, you will remain present with your body and mind, bringing more pleasure and sensitivity into your body.

It is also helpful to breathe through your mouth so that both you and your partner can hear you breathe. This will keep you both even more present in the moment and you might find yourselves breathing simultaneously. This means that you’re really tuned in together. You can achieve that by paying attention to both yourself and the body of your partner. However, make sure not to force it as the breath needs to be natural, effortless.


A similar thing happens when one person breathes in while the other one breathes out.

This creates a movement of energy between the bodies which deepens their sexual union. If you’re sitting up or lying down facing each other, imagine a movement of golden energy in a circle between your bodies. The golden energy moves from woman’s chest to men’s chest as she breathes out and he breathes in. The energy then travels down into his penis and out of it into her vagina as he breathes out and she breathes in. Then up to her heart again, etc. As you make love, keep your breath slow and relaxed.

We naturally start breathing faster as we approach orgasm, however, keeping that natural deep breath will allow your sexual energy to move more freely and abundantly in your bodies, creating much more intense experiences.


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