What if I told you that there is a technique that will make your orgasms 10 times stronger every time? And that you can use it both on yourself and on your lover, in order to give them truly mind-blowing experiences in the bedroom as well? If that sounds good, please stick around because I’m going to tell you how to do exactly that!

I first heard of edging many years ago when I started studying Tantra and great sex

Back then I was still struggling to have orgasms and when I did manage to have them, it was usually when I was placing a vibrator on my clitoris. Due to high intensity of the stimulation that the vibrators provide, I would usually come really quickly but the orgasm itself was always quite disappointing, almost non-existent.

I had no idea back then what a difference slowing down would make. It turns out that the best orgasms aren’t the ones that we reach quickly but the ones where a lot of time is taken to build up enough arousal and sexual energy.

In the mainstream world, people tend to think that the best lover is the one who takes his partner to orgasm quickly. However, in Tantra it’s quite the opposite. The best lover is the one that teases the partner and stimulates them pleasurably and makes them wild with desire before they let them reach that orgasmic peak.

These tantric lovers all use a technique called edging

The way edging works is quite simple – you come to the edge of orgasm and then you back away. So you don’t let yourself (or your partner) orgasm and you keep coming to that edge many times before you finally climax. I’m going to tell you first how to do it alone and then how to do that with your lover.

1/ Edging alone

When you’re masturbating, make sure to pleasurably stimulate yourself until you come close to an orgasm. Do not orgasm yet though! When you’re close, take your hands away from your genitals, relax your entire body and take at least 10 deep, abdominal breaths while touching and caressing the rest of your body.

When you’re breathing deeply, your sexual energy is being pulled out of your genital area and distributed throughout your body. This means that the intensity of arousal will reduce but the lovely sensations will start to spread out.

At that point, after 10 breaths, you can start stimulating your genital area again. Keep going until you get close to your edge again and then stop, take your hands away and breathe deeply – again about 10 breaths should do it. Once your arousal reduces, resume genital stimulation.

So what you’re doing here is you’re brining yourself up to a high level of arousal and then you’re coming back down. Then coming up again and then back down. Try to do this at least 5 times before you let yourself reach climax. And when you do, prepare for a mind-blowing, expanded, blissful experience.

When you take the time to build up enough sexual energy, the resulting orgasm will be much stronger than if you were only to stimulate yourself for a few minutes

2/ Edging with a lover

When you’re playing with your partner and you want to use edging on them, this will be a little bit more tricky because you won’t always know how close to the orgasm they are. This is why it’s helpful to ask them to let you know where they’re at. I find that simply raising their hand when they’re close to the edge is enough for me to know when I should stop the stimulation of their genitalia.

So once your partner is highly aroused, it’s time to spread out their sexual energy. So, instruct them to breathe deeply while you’re touching and massaging their chest, arms, belly and legs. After they take about 10 deep breaths, you can resume the genital touch. Keep going until you bring them to the edge at least 5 times!

This technique is truly mind-blowing and particularly when I use it on a new lover, it completely blows their socks off. I find that most people have no idea how strong, powerful and satisfying their orgasms can be.

But! The big secret is taking your time, using the edging and stimulating as much sexual energy and arousal in their body as possible

Then you’re pretty much guaranteed to rock their world once you let them reach that climax.


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