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Helena Nista Tantra


Helena Is A Speaker…

… who brings together passion, vision and a deep desire to educate. She will quickly put you and your guests at ease with her professional but light style and fun approach to life, sex and Tantra. She combines her experience with a depth of knowledge and insight that will leave you with much food for thought.

Helena is available to speak at conferences, workshops, retreats and other events. You can also book her for webinars, podcasts and interviews on radio and TV.

Helena is currently based in Gold Coast, Australia. However, she travels worldwide to deliver her keynotes and presentations.


In a world that suppresses rather than celebrates sexuality, Helena helps her clients reclaim their pleasure and reach deep into their sexual potential. She has a particularly soft spot in her heart for working with people who have suffered sexual repression in their upbringing and wish to create a new, deep connection with their bodies, sensuality and pleasure.

She draws on her own experience as a lover and as a coach during this process. Having worked with over 1,000 paying clients, she brings a unique vision and expertise into her presentations that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired!


She Brings Together…





Book Helena To Speak At Your Next Event On These Juicy Topics:

  • Maintaining Passion & Desire in Long-Term Relationships: tips for modern couples
  • Legendary Pleasure: cultivating deep sensitivity and deepening orgasmic potential
  • Modern Sexuality: overcoming sexual repression caused by society and religion
  • Legendary Lover: the path to becoming a master lover
  • Men & Sex: dealing with erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation and other issues
  • Women & Sex: reclaiming sensuality and cultivating orgasmic power
  • Tantric Sex: bringing Tantra and tantric practices to modern couples
  • Tantra for Young People: comprehensive sexual education for teenagers
  • Tantra is the new Yoga: combining sex and spirituality
  • Any other topics related to sex, Tantra, intimacy, embodiment, sexual healing and relationships

What People Are Saying

“I can feel the difference”

“Your words brought an amazing change in my life and all the credit goes to you. You are an amazing woman or if I may say, truly a goddess. I’ve been able to feel energy to a high level and the breathing technique you showed us plays a big part here. Also the exercise you recommended has been really great. I can feel the difference. All these changes are progressive but I’m noticing the difference. Thanks again, you are amazing!!!”


“Extremely positive experience”

“I had no idea what to expect but the experience was extremely positive. You are a natural educator and healer and my head was buzzing the whole following day with excitement about all the new practices and ideas. I will be definitely back for more of your guidance and I’m very glad that I decided to see you.”


“You’ve enriched my life”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your introduction to Tantra with the experience being very relaxing and calming through your energy, breathing techniques, experience, guidance and gentleness. I found you very easy to communicate with and felt very comfortable with you then to share what I am going through with your calmness and positive answers also suggestions what to work on. I feel that your guidance and Tantra are truly enriching my life. Thank you.”


“Amazing awakening”

“Thanks again for taking us on a Tantric journey. I seriously discovered more about myself, women and sexuality with you than I have learnt in 30 years. It was an amazing awakening and I am true convert to Tantric intimacy. Everyone should study with you as I am sure there would be more respect for one another. I hope to keep in touch and good luck for the future. Kind Regards.”


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