I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleeping naked! I love to feel the softness of the sheets against my skin, I love the ease of access to different body parts that I can stroke or caress, I love the heightened sensations I experience all over my body. And when my beloved is in the bed with me, I LOVE being held by him and touching his skin.


But it hasn’t always been this way

When I was growing up, I learned that sleeping naked was inappropriate and that I always needed a layer of fabric between me and the world, even when I was in bed alone. I learned that different body parts were wrong or shameful and that they always needed to be covered. And I learned the meaning of guilt and embarrassment if too much of my skin was ever accidentally exposed in front of somebody else.


Even in our sleep we’re not allowed to have a relationship with our body

All these messages about sex, nudity and the body being inappropriate sink deep into our consciousness. It seems that even in our sleep we’re not allowed to have a relationship with our body. This in turn creates a profound disconnection from our senses, our pleasure and our sexuality.

So if you’re struggling with shame in sex or if you feel like you’re not feeling a lot of pleasure, this might be because you’ve disowned your sexuality or that you don’t feel comfortable with your naked body. When we’re not comfortable with nudity and particularly with our genitals, we simply cannot fully feel our bodies.


What you don’t like, you disconnect from

So if sleeping naked is new for you, this might be a wonderful time to give it a go. And when you do, stay present with your experience – are you noticing feelings of shame, discomfort or awkwardness? or are you feeling delight, pleasure and relaxation? And what is your body experiencing? How is your skin reacting to this new experience?


If this feels tricky, take it slow and don’t judge yourself

Awakening your sensual pleasure can take a bit of time but it’s ALWAYS worth it.


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