Some time ago I came across a video made by The School of Life titled ‘How to Travel in your Mind’.

I love to travel and wish I could indulge in it even more than I already do, so I was interested to learn more.

The video explains how we can derive much more pleasure and fun out of our trips if we revisit them in our heads instead of forgetting all about them as soon as we come back home.

When we travel, we encounter so many amazing, exciting and interesting people, places and events.

Consciously indulging in our memories can allow us to re-live some of that thrill again and again, and again.


The video explains:

“In our neglect of our memories we are spoilt children who squeeze only a portion of the pleasure from our experiences and then toss them aside to seek new thrills. Part of why we feel the need for so many new experiences may simply be that we’re so bad at absorbing the ones we’ve had.”


“Our experiences have not disappeared just because they’re no longer unfolding right in front of our eyes. We can remain in touch with so much of what made them pleasurable simply through the art of evocation.”


It got me thinking…

If we can bring back the magic of holidays and travels, why not the magical moments in our relationships?

I can still remember so many truly beautiful moments that happened with my partners over the years.

Particularly all the firsts are highly memorable – first kiss, first touch, first deep conversation, first night spent together…

They’re charged with intense emotions which we can feel again once we immerse ourselves in the memory.


As time goes by, every couple creates their own memories of highly significant, pleasurable or exciting moments.

In a way, we all have our own ‘mind libraries’ full of wonderful times we spent together, events we enjoyed and obstacles we overcame.


I believe that each couple would benefit greatly from revisiting these memories of the initial period of their relationship

– the first dates, first kiss, first time they made love – and also all the special holidays together, romantic getaways and all the little things that melted their hearts about each other during their relationship so far.


The great thing about it is that the brain doesn’t distinguish very well between reality and a memory so it will make you feel the emotions you felt at the time.

So as you remember all those special moments together, the magic of that initial connection and all subsequent moments will be felt in your body and in your heart.


How about making it a weekly habit – revisiting in vivid detail one of your beautiful, treasured memories.

You might find that your partner reminds you of something that you have forgotten about and vice versa!

These little pearls will surely bring a big smile to your faces and a loving warmth to your hearts.



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