You are very connected to your emotions and love erotic highs. You are sweet and loving and enjoy beautiful gestures of love and romance. You embrace beauty in life and are very talented at organizing special dinner dates and romantic get-togethers. Setting intimate scenes comes naturally to you. You love surprising your partner with candles, soft music and enticing scents and flavours. You are capable of expressing your emotions and are thoughtful when relating to your beloved.  

However, you might struggle with every day, mundane aspects of life. You might have heard your partner accusing you of being absentminded or impractical. At times you get frustrated that your fantasy of a perfect romance does not match up with reality. Acquiring skills of a Legendary Lover will help you develop a more grounded relationship with yourself and your partner. You will learn about all the ways to connect with her on a much more profound and intimate level. You will learn to see and appreciate all the everyday aspects of your life together in order to create a more satisfying and vibrant bond. 

Steps 2 and 3 of the Legendary Lover program are particularly applicable to you. You will learn to remain much more grounded and present in your intimate encounters. This in turn will allow you to awaken all of your senses and enjoy much more pleasure and playfulness with your partner. 


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