You are down to earth and practical. You look at life in a rational way and are not too keen on the fluffy bits. Your partner and you are great mates and you enjoy spending time together. You have common interests but also value your time apart. You are good at creating balance and harmony in your life. You see life for what it is and are not afraid to share your opinions with the world.

You would like to embrace romance but it does not come naturally to you. In sex you quickly develop a routine and it loses its excitement. Your relationships lack intimacy and depth. Following the path of the Legendary Lover will help you cultivate a more sensual bond with your partner and a beautiful closeness in your relationship. You will learn to nurture each other and to bring more playfulness and joy into your life. You will learn to embrace your sex life with a new passion.

Steps 4 and 5 of the Legendary Lover program are particularly applicable to you. You will learn to experience much more sensuality in your body. You will learn to give and receive pleasure that expands through the entire body. This will take you and your partner to a new level of nurturing and satisfaction in your intimate life together.


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