You are selfless and caring. You constantly put your lover first. Just watching her smile makes you feel happy and fulfilled. You give a lot because you understand what it is like to not have enough. You are very sensitive and you can be easily hurt. Sometimes you might feel like you are doing all the giving and resentment might settle in. All girls want to meet a giver because of your generous and caring nature.

Being a Legendary Lover will boost your confidence and self-worth, allowing you to create a more balanced and healthy dynamic in your relationship. You need to draw assurance from the fact that you are a valuable person and are capable of bringing to the relationship as much as your partner does. New lovemaking skills will go a long way in boosting that self-esteem and in attracting a more nurturing partner or partnership into your life.

Steps 3 and 4 of the Legendary Lover program are particularly applicable to you. You will develop a deep connection with your own body and your eroticism. You will learn new ways to experience pleasure both on your own and with a partner. You will learn to allow much more fun and nurturing into your life.


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