Enjoy Stronger, Deeper Orgasms & More Pleasure Than You Ever Thought Possible

Orgasmic Empowerment for Women is the complete step-by-step program to help you take control of your orgasmic power and potential. Become a multi-orgasmic woman and discover the joy of a fully orgasmic life.

Orgasmic Empowerment For Women Is For You If:

You Rely On Your Vibrator To Orgasm

And you want to access your natural ability to climax using your fingers (or your partner’s touch). You want to be able to orgasm wherever, whenever, and whichever way you want.

You Get Stuck In Your Head During Sex Or Self-Pleasuring

And it stops you from fully immersing yourself in the experience (or reaching orgasm). You want to be able to let go and really enjoy yourself.

You Want To Experience Deep, Powerful Orgasms

You keep hearing about all these different types of female orgasms, but you’re wondering… are they even real? And how can I get some?

orgasmic empowerment for women online course with helena nista

By The End Of The Orgasmic Empowerment Program, You Will:


Be Able To Orgasm - Easily!

Incredible orgasms are available to any woman, and you will learn exactly what to do to get there – all by yourself AND with a partner.


Discover New Ways To Pleasure Yourself

Your erogenous zones are your best friend in the bedroom, but chances are you don’t know about most of them – yet!


Become A Multi-Orgasmic Woman

Discover a new level of pleasure and range of orgasms you didn’t know were possible (including whole-bodied, G-Spot, vaginal, energy orgasms – and more)


Become Deeply Attractive To Men

A woman who is sensual, orgasmic, and connected to her eroticism is magnetic and charismatic to men around her.


Heal Your Sexuality From Past Wounds

Leave behind anything that is weighing down your eroticism, and reclaim your right to mind-blowing, toe-curling pleasure.


Live An Orgasmic Life

Your orgasmic power doesn’t only live in the bedroom. Your orgasmic aliveness can shine, vibrate, and emanate from you wherever you go.

Because What Matters Is…

You want sex to feel magical. You want to share ecstatic sexual experiences with your lover that will leave you feeling nurtured, connected, fulfilled, and deeply satisfied.

This program will give you everything you need to get you there (and more).

“Love It!”

Amazing content, really well explained, a lot of wonderful practices. Highly recommend it!

~Lucy Kingsley

Helena Nista Sex Therapist

Hi, I’m Helena!

You might recognize me from my popular YouTube channel – I’m a certified Sexologist and one of Australia’s leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners.

Here’s the thing – I know what’s possible for you, and it’s so much more than you even realise. You’re capable of experiencing more pleasure than you’ve ever had, of having incredible sex, and of reaching amazing, out-of this-world orgasms.

And I want that for you. Which is why I created Orgasmic Empowerment. So that every woman can become effortlessly orgasmic, and experience incredible sex and legendary love.

Orgasmic Empowerment For Women

Here’s Exactly What You Get Inside The Orgasmic Empowerment For Women Online Course:


Lifetime Access to over 30 easy to follow videos where I break down the essentials of becoming a fully orgasmic woman.


Downloadable PDFs for each lesson with the best take-aways and need-to-know tips for you to practice and action in your sex life.


Practical, step-by-step homework practices to help you implement what you’ve learnt and master the skills in the program.


Instant access to a private member’s area where you can watch all of the content, follow exercises, and ask questions for further support.


My personal recommendations and favourite products, resources, and tips to equip you with the best tools to support your home practice and your sex life.


Private email access to me where you can ask questions and reach out for personalised support (I’m with you every step of the way).



100% Money Back Guarantee

Orgasmic Empowerment For Women has a 7-day, super-easy money back guarantee. Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch the videos AND perform the homework practices. And if you aren’t completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent.

Women all over the world rave about this program and report back about their newfound orgasmic power. So go ahead and give yourself a gift of mind-blowing, joyous, and unlimited orgasmicness!

“Helena Truly Is An Expert In Sexual Empowerment”

The videos and homework tasks enabled me to open up, surrender, and move into a deeper level of acceptance of my body and sexual desires. It has substantially increased my libido and I am no longer willing to settle for sexual mediocrity!

I am excited to keep cultivating this new sensual, loving connection with myself and my partner (who is very grateful I stumbled upon this gem of a course!) and to continue to explore my incredible potential for orgasmic pleasure! This is just what I needed, thank you for creating such an important program Helena.

~Sara Wade

“Very Helpful… Fantastic Homework!”

Helena’s demonstrations of breathing techniques and meditation practices are one of the most helpful elements of the course and something that I can easily apply. Her emphasis on enjoying any and all pleasure rather than being goal oriented towards orgasm has helped me relax more and enjoy myself during self pleasuring and sex with my partner.

Helena’s knowledge and clear explanations is enhanced by the weekly homework which is clearly written and easy to apply. Thank you Helena!

~Sophie Kimpton

“So Much Information!”

Helena is very knowledgeable and delivers the material in a light, easy, and pleasant manner.

Even though I have a long journey with sexuality through tantra and sex education, I found the course very deep, informative, and enlightening. I am sure that many, many women will benefit from it.

~Anastasha Deyour


Let’s Take A Closer Look Inside Orgasmic Empowerment For Women Online Course


Awaken Your Body’s Ecstatic Potential

There is a problem with sex and orgasms in our society that’s likely affecting your experiences in the bedroom.

You’ll learn exactly what’s behind your struggles and how to start liberating yourself from unhealthy patterns and toxic ideas that repress your natural orgasmic potential.

You’ll learn new techniques and practices that will put your body on the path of healing, activating and cultivating your ecstatic potential. And I bet you’ll love the homework!


Creating Full-Body Orgasms

Language is powerful. And how we define things impacts how we experience them.

This week you’ll learn how to expand your orgasms by changing your perspective of your eroticism. This will make a huge impact on how your body registers pleasure, orgasmic states, and sexual connection.

And have I mentioned that your orgasms don’t have to only happen in your genital area? Instead, they can roll, move, and vibrate through your entire system in a full-body ecstasy. Homework is about to get a whole lot better!


Fall In Love With Your Body

Now, we’re going to take a closer look at sexual healing and the best ways to cultivate a healthier, deeper, and more meaningful connection with your body.

You’ll learn new ways to look at and feel your body, and tap into your natural sense of pleasure, delight, and aliveness.

You’ll also learn a powerful way to use your breasts as a gateway to stronger pleasure and fuller orgasms. And to top it all off, I’ll teach you a beautiful tantric breast massage…


Overcome Numbness & Awaken Vaginal Orgasms

Can you feel your vagina? Can you REALLY feel it?… Do you touch the inside of your vaginal canal when you masturbate?

Many women experience numbness or discomfort from internal touch. This week, I’ll teach you my favourite practice to bring back the fullness of pleasure and sensitivity to your vaginal canal.

You’ll open up a wealth of new types of orgasms – G-Spot, squirting, cervical, A-Spot, and more. Are you ready to discover the full orgasmic potential of your flower?


Discover Your Pleasure Map

This week you’ll be learning new things about your genitalia and your pleasure potential. I’ll take you on a guided tour of your erotic anatomy and I’ll share all my best, juicy tips and advice for pleasure.

You’ll then learn a delicious genital self-massage that you can perform on yourself whenever you want.

We’ll wrap up the week exploring limiting beliefs about your pleasure and sexuality that might be holding you back from experiencing the best orgasms of your life. I’ll also teach you my very special technique that will show you how to use your mind to deepen your orgasms!


Strengthen & Deepen Your Orgasms

Are you ready for more advanced practices? This week I’ll be sharing with you some very special and potent tools and techniques.

First, you’ll learn all you need to know about increasing the fitness of your pelvic area (which is crucial for the strength of your orgasms). I’ll then guide you through 5 powerful elements of expansive, full-body orgasmic states. This 5-step formula never fails to bring more sexual satisfaction to the women in my course.

We’ll finish the week with a very special chat about the specifics of different kinds of orgasms that women are capable of. I bet some of them will surprise you!


Effortless Orgasms & Orgasmic States

It’s time to finish this course with an (orgasmic) bang!

Did you know that you can orgasm for hours? And that it’s very likely that you are currently repressing that ability?

I’ll teach you why that happens and how to overcome it. You already have all you need to have the most amazing orgasms of your life. I’m simply going to teach you how to unlock that capacity.

Now it’s also time to create a long-term plan for an orgasmic life. I’ll guide you through a variety of techniques to enhance and support your full sensual and ecstatic expression in your life.

Ready To Start Living An Orgasmic Life?

Masturbation Coaching Online Course With Helena Nista

Unleashing Your Orgasmic Potential Is Your Birthright

As a woman, your ecstatic potential is a natural part of your erotic self. Your body is capable of the most amazing, mind-blowing, expansive experiences.

And it’s much easier to get there than you think.

Don’t waste any more of your life having unfulfilling sex.

This course will set you up for a lifetime of incredible, orgasmic sex.

It’s time to reach for the passion, playfulness, and toe-curling orgasms that you deserve.

It’s time to become your most juicy, alive, magnetic self.

Awaken your inner seductive force and become a sexually activated woman.

Get The Complete

Orgasmic Empowerment For Women

Online Course



“Helena Is The Embodiment Of Feminine Energy Itself”

You can feel her vibe and presence. The explanations were clear and the content is extensive. A lot of practical exercises and tips to start your own pleasurable journey. Definitely recommend!

~Sandra Godinho

“Awesome Information”

The material is really interesting and explained clearly. The practical exercises and homework are really making changes in my body and in my experience of physical intimacy. I have a super busy life and also no long-term intimate partner, so I’m taking my time to work through the material and to practice as I have time.

You’re a wealth of information, lady, I’ve been recommending your course to the women I know who complain about unsatisfying sex in their lives. We all deserve to enjoy sex!

~Tricksy Tee

Questions Your Fellow Orgasmic Empowerment Students Have Asked Before Getting Access

What if I can’t do the course right away? Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! You have lifetime access to the course, so you can go through it at your own pace, or come back to the content any time you like.

I’m a complete beginner. Is this course right for me?

Yes, no matter where you’re at, this course will teach you everything you need to know. From basic information and exercises, right up to advanced techniques and practices.

Will I get immediate access?

Yes, you’ll get immediate access to the private Member’s Area and access to the first week’s content. After that, the content is released week to week. You’ll get an email notification every week once the new content is available for you to dive in.

Do I need to have a partner to complete this course?

No, you don’t. All of the practices are designed to be performed alone. But if you wish, you can ask a partner for some sexy assistance…

Will I learn to orgasm with my partner?

Yes, you absolutely will! Any woman is capable of reaching a variety of different types of orgasm – both solo and with a partner. And you’ll learn the exact techniques to get there easily and effortlessly.

I always masturbate with a vibrator. Will I be able to stop using it?

Yes, you will! Vibrators are great and any woman can use them whenever she wants to. But depending on them too much can limit your orgasmic potential. You’ll learn the exact steps to overcome this reliance.