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If you’re completely new to Tantra, check out my Tantra For Beginners online course which I currently offer for FREE.

This is a 6-day program which will guide you through a number of basic tools and principles of the tantric philosophy, as applied by tantric lovers, for more pleasure, connection and playfulness in the bedroom.

Tantra teaches us to take the time and approach the sexual connection slowly, with attention. This allows women to experience orgasm more quickly since they learn to become more relaxed and sensitized. It also empowers men to last longer and to gain a better control over their bodies and excitement.


Tantric Sex for Couples

This online course is for couples who want to upgrade their sex life and their relationship.

Tantric couples enjoy a very rich, nurturing, playful and intimate connection in the bedroom and outside of it. According to Tantra, sex and orgasm are a way to achieve spiritual awareness. When Shiva, male energy, and Shakti, female energy, come into a sexual union, they are able to reach the highest enlightenment.

We can all practice Tantric sex and obtain its benefits. This online program will teach you to expand your arousal and to give each other more pleasure than you thought possible! Bringing tantric skills into your bedroom will allow you to energetically merge with each other in order to experience a deeply ecstatic union with your lover.


Masturbation Coaching is a fairly new modality offered by sex coaches and sex therapists all over the world. It’s extremely powerful because healthy and nurturing self-touch, self-touch that is free of shame, guilt or dogma, will prepare your body for a lifetime of great sex and amazing pleasure.

This 7-week online program will help you expand your erotic potential, experience completely new types of orgasm, create more charisma and magnetic power that others will respond to, let go of unhealthy patterns and toxic beliefs about your pleasure, your body and your sexuality, etc.


Orgasmic Empowerment for women is a 7-week online journey that will take you from where you are now sexually to where you want to be and beyond! You will learn, you will practice, you will explore and you will transform. This program is very practical and each week you’ll be working with new techniques and tools of sexual healing and empowerment. 

At the end of this path, you’ll come out feeling like a new, better, more sensual version of yourself. You will build confidence, attraction and charisma in your body. You will cultivate your sexual force and power, making you irresistible to men, whether you’re single and looking for a partner or whether you’ve been in a relationship for years and want to create more juice, pleasure and fun at home!


If you’d like to dive deeper into the world of REALLY great sex, then check out my Tantric Mastery course. This is a 7-week online training for men to become the kind of lover that women dream about.

In the Tantric Mastery course you’ll learn how to use a range of different tantric tools and practices to unlock your woman’s deep orgasmic potential.

You’ll learn how to give your partner a mind-blowing tantric massage. You’ll also learn to take full control over your excitement and arousal, allowing you to last as long as you want in bed and have multiple full-body non-ejaculatory energetic orgasms.


You probably know that sex can be a magical experience. But did you know that magic can be a sexual experience???

Sex Magic is a powerful modality that combines the vision of your desired goal with the incredible power of your orgasmic potential. Sexual magic is REAL MAGIC! It uses the force of your expanded orgasm to move and propel your desired outcome out into the layers of universal consciousness where that vision can then be turned into your physical reality.

Sex Magic is like Law of Attraction on steroids. It involves you not only imagining and visualising your desires, but also sending them out into the Cosmos on the wave of your strong ecstatic charge. This is the most potent force of creation known to man because it incorporates nature’s ultimate creative force – sexual energy.


If you’re ready to go all the way, my most advanced online offering is my three-month Legendary Lover program. In addition to the practices from the Tantric tradition, this advanced program also draws on the elements of somatic sexology, yoga, Taoism, shamanism, breath work, as well as a number of other traditions.

Legendary Lover takes you through a six-step process, diving deep into each and every area of your sex life in order to find all limiting beliefs, blockages and wounding that need healing. You will develop much healthier, embodied practices in the bedroom and deeply skilful ways to pleasure your partner.

You’ll also learn how to take sexual energy out of the bedroom and live an ecstatic life wherever you go. Our sexuality holds keys to amazing life force, creativity, joy, passion and wellness that we can tap into and enjoy once we know how.


I offer Tantra for Beginners, Tantric Mastery and Legendary Lover online courses at a discount as a combination package together for a 21-week journey of Tantra, sacred sex, deep intimacy and blissful pleasure.


The majority of men feel a lot of resistance at the prospect of approaching a woman they are attracted to. If this resistance is not explored and addressed it leads to a pattern of not taking action with women they desire. 

Despite the hype about all the tips and tricks you need to “pick up” a woman, there is a way to successfully approach a woman you desire, without needing to resort to manipulation or approaches taught by the pick-up artist industry.

In this online program, we go deeply into how you, as a man, can be successful with women you desire through a totally honest and authentic approach. This approach will help you overcome insecurity in the form of fear of rejection or concern about coming across as pushy.


What My Clients are Saying

“A truly great course”

“A truly great course, I really feel that the next girl who comes to my place is in for one hell of a treat.”

Martin Pavion

“Valuable investment”

“As the lessons are put into practice, they bring increased confidence and joy into everything we do in daily life: how we communicate, how we relate to others, how we experience our surroundings…”

Steve Szubert

“Every man should do this course”

“Being multi-orgasmic is not a complex endeavour. It’s actually really simple, and Helena’s course gave me the reminder and support I needed to understand that.”

Dave McDermott


“This course will transform your life! Not just your lovemaking skills, but your entire life could change if you implement the practices that are offered.”

Mo Libertad

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