Nobody Is Coming to Save You

I’m not proud of myself. Last few months have been very unusual for me. I haven’t been myself, I’ve struggled with simple tasks and life seems to have been slipping through my fingers.


I’ve always been driven, energetic and easily motivated. I’ve worked for myself for over 10 years now and I never had an issue with staying inspired and getting stuff done. I’ve been capable of accomplishing incredible things in a short amount of time, all while balancing work with personal life, diet, fitness routine, education, self-growth, etc.


But all of that seems to have collapsed lately.


Maybe due to COVID, maybe due to cold weather (Australian winter is still winter!) or maybe I reached a point of exhaustion and needed to just rest.


And rest I have! I’ve been sleeping more, working less, getting take-away meals, neglecting my daily rituals and practices and watching way too much Netflix. For a while there I even felt sort of stuck, low on energy and unable to make any changes. Until a voice deep inside me said “that’s enough!”.


I am aware of the importance of self-compassion during such unusual times. But I’m also remembering a piece of wisdom I learned early in life:




Growing up in a poor family in communist Poland wasn’t exactly glamorous but it meant that I had to go out and work for everything that I wanted. And this attitude has served me many, many times!


I see a lot of people who are waiting to be saved – from being single and feeling lonely, from experiencing financial lack, from feeling unlovable, not good enough, not happy enough, etc.


And the truth is that the only person that can save you is YOU!


Other people can bring temporary sense of joy, connection and satisfaction but none of that will hang around if it’s not coming from you.


So, I’m not going to wait any longer either. I’ve had my break and now I want to feel like myself again. I’ve started getting up early, working out more, I cancelled Netflix and started cooking healthy meals. I am sticking to a solid morning routine and am much more disciplined with myself around what I get done every day. And if I can do that, so can you!


Let me know below if you’ve also experienced a sense of lethargy lately and if you’re ready to turn that around! And if you’d like some sexy magic to support you in turning your life around, try my Manifesting with Sex Magic online course! Use coupon code LOVE to claim a 50% discount – until until Sunday!

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