When I first created ‘One for One for Pakistan’, I knew I wanted to know more about the real lives and experiences of women in Muslim countries. I wanted to know exactly what role they play in the society, how they’re taught to think and what values are ingrained in their psyches. I read articles about the discrimination they put up with, the suffering they endure and even about ‘honour killings’ which happen when a girl acts against her family’s will and is killed by her own relatives.

But hearing actual stories from actual Pakistani women made my blood run cold. On many occasions I cried big, heavy tears of grief and despair (once in a middle of a cafe, while referring one of the stories to my partner!). And I can never fully comprehend what these women go through, I don’t think that anybody ever will. But the least I can do is reach out to them and say: “I see you, I honour you and I care”.

It’s extremely important to share this information with the world. Muslim women live in the shadow of their men and their religion. Their pain and suffering is kept away from the eye of the world.

Watch my video below to hear a story of one extremely brave woman in Pakistan who decided to share a bit of her world with me.


PS. If you feel touched by Baseema’s story, consider enrolling in the Orgasmic Empowerment course (at a donation price chosen by you). If that’s not quite for you, please spread the word and share this information with all the women in your life! Thank you!



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