May is here which means different things for different people. But for sex therapists, it’s the International Masturbation Month! What does it mean? It means that for the entire 31 days we encourage everybody to openly discuss self-touch, self-pleasure practices and healthy masturbation habits.


And why not?! We all enjoy pleasure. In fact our primal instinct is to seek pleasure and avoid pain.


But how much pleasure exactly are we allowing in our lives?…


A week ago I started to consciously bring more pleasure into my life – I mean, what better way to beat the Coronavirus blues?… I’ve been taking long, luxurious baths with scented oils and Epsom salts, having that coffee break when I need it, while indulging in a piece of dark organic chocolate, listening to beautiful music when performing chores at home, enjoying a glass of my favourite wine at dinner time, having extra long self-pleasuring sessions as often as I can, meeting my friends (online) for long and meaningful conversations, preparing delicious meals, dancing, singing, reading, taking mindful breaks in the middle of a busy day… The list goes on!


This pleasure focus can be also very successfully used in your masturbation practice!


A lot of people get into a bit of a rut in their self-touch habits. They develop masturbation routines early on in life and then continue touching themselves in the same ways for many, many years. It seems that efficiency becomes the main goal here and once we discover the most effective strokes, we reach for them every time.


But masturbation can be much more than just a quick way to bring you to a climax. It can be a source of incredible delights and a powerful training tool to keep expanding your body’s erotic potential. It can be a way to heal you, to deeply nurture your body with blissful energy and even to have your mind blown on a regular basis…


If you are not quite certain where to begin your pleasure exploration, mindfulness is a great way to discover some new, delicious erogenous zones.


Take a moment to sit down in silence, close your eyes and notice the way your body is feeling. Our bodies speak to us all the time, they know exactly what we need. They keep whispering but we usually do not listen. See if you can hear that whisper… Don’t think about it, don’t try to figure it out. Simply FEEL your body and notice where it desires to be touched.


When you masturbate, apply the same mindfulness approach. You can also throw in a healthy pinch of curiosity. Take your time, don’t rush the experience. Explore your entire body. Look for pleasure sensations, look for the most sensitive, yummy spots. How much can you discover? What can you learn about your pleasure zones?


When I first started studying Masturbation Coaching, I was spending a lot of time on homework practices.


And I couldn’t believe how much I was learning about my own body – and that’s after many, many years of touching myself in the same boring ways previously!… One of the things I learned was that when I slowly drag my fingernails up my stomach, that sends shivers of pleasure through my spine… Wow, I had no idea!!!


How about you? How can YOU bring more pleasure into your Masturbation Month? If you’re a bit stuck for ideas, check out my Masturbation Coaching online course. It’s one of my most popular programs with thousands of people all over the world enrolled to date. And to celebrate this very special month, I’m offering the entire course at half price with coupon code SelfLove. Enrol now and begin your own Masturbation Journey!


It’s only 6 May and I’ve been having an amazing month so far!… How about you?… 


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