“I’m blown away! After watching this masterclass, I experienced one of the most beautiful connections with a another person that I’ve ever had before. Very deep, intimate, full presence, there were tears… There was a beautiful connection with my own genital area which I feel like – wow! I didn’t even know how blocked that was!”

Tarek Bibi

How sensitive is your body right now

Learn where you’re disconnecting yourself from your body and from your pleasure potential.

What does legendary pleasure feel like

Master your senses to reach deeply embodied states of connection, intimacy and pleasure.

How to open up your body to more sensation

Start using breath and awareness exercises to easily train your body and mind.

Are you disconnected?
We live in a world that rewards being in the head – thinking, worrying, analyzing – so we learn early to disconnect, de-sensitize and ignore our physical bodies and our senses. This leads to a limited access to the wisdom of our bodies and a limited experience of the bodily realm.

This also leads to reduced pleasure in our lives and sex lives.

But at the depths of our souls, we all crave a deep sense of embodiment. We all want to learn to not only feel our bodies fully but to truly live in them. This is where the true wholeness in our lives begins. This is also where we can start diving much deeper into our orgasmic and pleasure potential.

During this Masterclass, you’ll learn:

WHY YOU’RE NOT EXPERIENCING LEGENDARY PLEASURE RIGHT NOW We all carry some degree of wounding, trauma, embarrassment or shame in our bodies which is stopping us from delving deep into our pleasure potential. Feeling much more is a matter of reversing the blockages, healing the hurts and opening up to the fullness of your bliss potential.
HOW TO CULTIVATE YOUR SENSITIVITY & CONNECTION TO YOUR BODY A lot of people tell me that they’re always stuck in their heads and that their racing minds stop them from enjoying themselves fully. This keeps them stuck, disconnected and unsatisfied in their lives and relationships. Without a sense of deep embodiment, we’ll always struggle to create profound pleasure in our lives.
WHAT LEGENDARY PLEASURE FEELS LIKE Many of us don’t realize what our bodies are capable of. We live our lives unaware, detached and frustrated with our everyday experiences. But living this way is like dining on fast food every day, without ever tasting the gourmet sensations and pleasures. The truth is that you’re capable of trance-like states of bliss and ecstasy… if you only learn how to reach them!
HOW TO EXPERIENCE YOUR PARTNER IN A COMPLETELY NEW WAY At this point, people at my workshops usually start shedding tears as they’d never before had such profound experience of being energetically connected with their partner. When two embodied people interact lovingly, they’re capable of reaching states of high bliss and ecstatic connection together. And it feels like heaven!
HOW TO USE BREATH TO OPEN UP YOUR BODY TO NEW SENSATIONS Your breath is one of the most potent tools you have at your disposals. It can support your healing, your pleasure and your ability to expand your experience of self. This is not just about your physical body anymore, this is about experiencing your entire world differently – as a whole, energetic, etheric, spiritual being. It’s time to breathe your body blissful!
About your host
Helena Nista is a certified sexologist and has an extensive experience with somatic practices and bodywork modalities. She is a sex therapist, author and speaker.

She has spent the last 5 years teaching her clients to re-connect with their bodies and deepen their erotic and orgasmic potential. She has been supporting them to heal past wounding, trauma and numbness and to move forward into a life of fullness, embracing both their thinking minds AND feeling bodies.

From a young age, Helena struggled to feel her body fully and particularly to feel pleasure. This finally led her to a profound crisis from which she bounced forward to educating herself in the area of embodiment, Tantra and great sex.

Now she’s teaching others to embrace their deep sensuality, to connect with the wisdom of their bodies and to create profound and ecstatic connections with others.

“Already I was tingling! I could feel blood pulsing and I could feel movement. And I could feel like a tingling, uplifting feeling like… felt just like joy!”

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