Become A Legendary Lover

This book is a step-by-step manual for any man who wants to be the most extraordinary lover their partner has ever had.

Tackle the challenges men face in the bedroom

Debunk the myths suppressing your sexuality

Learn sacred practices for more meaningful intimacy

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About the Book

Learn the 6 steps of the LEGEND methodology, together with real life examples and practical exercises:

1. Your Erotic Profile
You’ll learn how your erotic mind works, what creates the most exciting and passionate sexual experiences in your life, and how to consistently get there on your own or with a partner.

You’ll find out where you might be limiting yourself sexually and how to use mindfulness to expand your experience of sex and pleasure.

2. Engage Your Body & Breath
I’ll show you how to become much more embodied and how to use your breath more consciously in order to create more pleasure and sensuality in your body.

You’ll learn to explore your body in a way you’ve never experienced it before in order to find more sensation and bliss.

3. Get Off Mindfully
I’ll show you how to reclaim your full erotic capacity be learning new habits and routines in your masturbation practice.

You’ll be coached in your self-pleasuring practice and receive a variety of new ideas to explore.

4. Enjoy Receiving
I’ll teach you about the different types of touch and how to use them for more nurturing and pleasure. Including all you need to know about anal touch.

You’ll be guided through an embodied practice of receiving pleasure and you’ll learn to ask for what you want without shame or guilt.

5. Nurture Your Partner
You’ll discover what women really want in a lover and you’ll learn how to get her to initiate sex with you. I’ll show you how to be a master teaser and how to entice her desire and arousal.

You’ll learn how to touch your partner in a way that will have her begging for more.

6. Unlock Your Full Orgasmic Potential
I’ll show you how you can take your sexual energy out of the bedroom in order to live an ecstatic life. You’ll learn how to go deep into an erotic trance, how to have full-body orgasms, and be a multi-orgasmic man.

I’ll guide you through ways to maintain passion and erotic connection in a long-term relationship.

About the Author

Helena draws from her own experience…

Helena Nista Sex Therapist
… as a lover, sex coach and a Tantra teacher.

She describes her early struggles with sex and relationships in a light-hearted style and with a to-the-point approach.

The problems she is encountering are extremely common in our society, making her story very relatable.

After many years of unsatisfying sex she accidentally stumbles upon Tantra and starts to study ancient tools and techniques of tantric lovers.

As the story unfolds, Helena guides you through her discoveries and experiences, describing in detail the practices that start to slowly alter her relationship with sex, pleasure and men.

Having worked with and interacted with over 1,000 men, Helena presents a unique and insightful perspective on what great sex is and how to create the most memorable and mind blowing experiences in the bedroom and outside of it.

Legendary Lover Is Essential Reading…

“…for anyone seeking to celebrate the fullness of their sexuality. Helena’s journey from sexual abuse to sexual awakening has resulted in a poised, poignant, and professional methodology that I enthusiastically endorse.”


Betty Dodson, PhD

Legendary Sex Therapist and author of ‘Sex For One: The Joy of Self-Loving’

The Perfect Guide

“Helena’s book is a burst of light on a subject too often complicated by doubt, anxiety or ignorance. And for anyone interested in experiencing freer, deeper pleasure in sex, she is the perfect guide – joyous, highly knowledgeable, compassionate and fun.”


Philip Shepherd

Embodiment expert and author of ‘New Self New World’

An Amazing Resource

“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in conscious sexuality. With raw honesty and without holding anything back, Helena outlines her journey of sexual healing, providing countless tips and exercises to help others do the same. This book will be an amazing resource for people new to tantra, as well as experienced practitioners and therapists.”


Dr. Richard Chambers

Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Expert

Valuable Practices For Curiosity Seekers

“This book is a touching and enlightening journey of a courageous woman’s path to sexual awakening. Relatable and timely, Nista reveals candid insights from her direct experience, and offers valuable practices for curious seekers.”


Stephanie Phillips

Conscious Sexuality Coach

Insightful and Inspiring…

“Legendary Lover is moving, eloquent, courageous, insightful and inspiring, and skilfully blends personal experience and practical wisdom with clarity, subtlety and warmth.”


Graeme Piercy

Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist

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