Many people ask me if masturbation is bad for you, how it affects your health and wellbeing and how often you should ideally masturbate. Answers to these questions aren’t always easy and straightforward but in this article I’m going to give you some real and helpful information on this topic.


So let’s first answer the big, pressing question – is masturbation harmful


No, it absolutely is not. In fact, it’s healthy, enjoyable and beneficial to masturbate regularly.


However, I need to make a big disclaimer here. When I talk about masturbation, I don’t mean ejaculation. These are two separate things so I want to be clear on that because a lot of men attack me saying that masturbation is draining and that I shouldn’t be encouraging it.


Masturbation is NOT draining, Ejaculation on the other hand can be


So while you should be mindful of how often you ejaculate, when it comes to masturbation, you can do it as often as you like! Which is good news for ladies who orgasm without ejaculating. It’s more tricky for men who can often find that frequent ejaculation leaves them feeling tired, depleted and foggy minded.


And BTW, if you want to learn how to ejaculate in a way that nurtures your body instead of depleting it, make sure to check out this video where I talk about using tantric techniques of circulating sexual energy in your body.


So what are the benefits and side effects of masturbation? Let’s start with benefits:


1/ It makes you feel good…


2/ It regulates your hormonal system and encourages your body to release hormones that reduce stress, increase your immune response, improve sleep and stimulate brain’s reward and pleasure centres,


3/ It improves sexual performance – with age the pelvic floor muscle that supports your genital structures weakens, this can lead to sexual dysfunction or difficulty with orgasming;


When you masturbate, you can contract these muscles consciously to create more pleasure for yourself which will strengthen them; but also as you orgasm, these muscles will contract involuntarily, which gives your muscles a healthy workout.


Strong pelvic floor muscle will in turn lead to stronger orgasms and other health benefits.


4/ You can’t get pregnant or get an STD.


5/ You can do it whenever you like.


6/ You get to know your body better and better, you learn what turns you on, how you like to be touched, etc.


A lot of women struggle to enjoy sex or to orgasm during intercourse because they’re not familiar enough with their pleasure zones and because they have not activated their erotic structures enough.


Regular self-touch sessions will open up and cultivate your sexual and orgasmic potential more and more, which is just delicious and will lead to better, more effortless and more satisfying orgasms!


Now lets’ move on to potential side effects of masturbation:


1/ If you experience shame or guilt while touching yourself, these heavy, dark emotions will keep being wired and conditioned more and more strongly into your sexual response, which can cause sexual issues and dysfunction down the road,


2/ If you always masturbate the same way, you might be actually limiting your orgasmic potential to the point where you struggle to orgasm with a partner.


This is why switching things up on a regular basis is very healthy and beneficial (and if you need some help and new, exciting ideas, you should definitely check out my Masturbation Coaching online course which is full or blissful techniques and orgasmic ideas to grow and expand your erotic potential)


3/ Excessive masturbation – meaning two or more times a day – can be overstimulating your body which leads to reduced sensitivity and sexual issues.


If you feel like this is something that might be concerning you, consider reducing porn, being more gentle with your self-touch, switching things up in terms of how you touch yourself and extending your sexual experience time-wise beyond a quick “jerk off” session.


4/ On the other hand avoiding masturbation is not healthy either, the whole NoFap culture (meaning “Avoid porn AND masturbation altogether”) has been really harmful to many men because sexuality is a healthy and natural aspect of our bodies.


When you try to disconnect from your eroticism or repress it, it’ll lead to problems like depression, aggression or sexual frustration.


I agree – excessive ejaculation can lead to draining your body and wasting your energy but that does NOT mean that you should stop masturbating


I hope that his was informative and that it answered some important questions for you.


Make sure to also check out my Masturbation Coaching online course! It’s a very powerful resource that will train your body to not only have amazing, full-body orgasmic experiences all by yourself but it will also set you up for a lifetime of fantastic sex with a partner!



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