When it comes to sex, a lot of things are about a personal preference. And size of the penis is one of these things. Regardless of the size, penis is able to perform its duties and functions properly. However, men tend to have strong feelings about how big (or small) their penises are.


It seems that most men desire to be bigger.


And that the gentlemen who do have impressive cocks, get a deep sense of confidence and pride out of that fact. However, what is actually big enough? And what do women have to say about that?


According to research, huge majority of men fall into an average size group. The average penis measures 8-10cm flaccid and 12-14cm erect. And only a relatively small percentage of men are smaller or bigger than that.


Research also reports that an overwhelming majority of heterosexual women are satisfied with their partner’s size.


Most women also claim that the size of the penis doesn’t make any difference to their pleasure. Some of these women also mentioned that a smaller penis can be actually more pleasurable to them as a larger cock can cause painful friction or can hit the cervix located at the end of the vaginal canal.


Plus, men with shorter penises can be better equipped to stimulate the sensitive G-spot and to bring their lovers to delicious G-spot orgasms.


It seems that internet porn causes a lot of penis shaming.


Actors who are chosen for the roles typically are really well endowed and in many cases these penises are also digitally enhanced or injected with drugs that induce erections and enhance engorgement. When normal sized men compare themselves to the male porn stars, they tend to fall short, giving them a sense of inadequacy.


It breaks my heart every time I work in sessions with these men and hear their stories…


Let’s please stop shaming the penises for their size! All cocks are beautiful, capable and amazing. And after all, most women don’t care about the size of the penis as long as the man knows how to use it!


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