Just over six years ago, in March 2014, I had my “accident” which caused a dramatic shift in my life. One moment, I was having sex with my partner and the next – I was in excruciating pain, shock and then in a hospital. That experience was scary, enormously painful and made me question my life, my sexuality and my relationships.


It also led me to leaving my old life behind in order to explore Tantra and sacred sexuality.


Not long after that day, I attended my first ever tantric workshop which introduced me to tantric philosophy. The attendees were guided through a ritual that unexpectedly opened my eyes to a completely new, profound and magical way of relating to each other.


There was one particularly memorable moment there when I experienced a trance-like state of presence, love and bliss – all while we had our clothes on and were barely touching one another!


This experience left me feeling mind-blown, in awe…


I felt like someone suddenly opened my eyes to a completely new way of being that I had no idea existed. Like when you think that you have life all figured-out and then you learn about a back room full of magic and wonders…


Since that day, I never looked back. I started immersing myself in tantric education and practice until I became a certified practitioner and started teaching others.


Six years later and after having run thousands of clients’ sessions, courses, workshops and events, I can proudly say that I have a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise to share. And I would love to introduce every single couple on the planet to Tantra!


I believe that every single relationship can benefit from tantric rituals and practices in order to:


  • Deepen their love and heart-felt connection,
  • Expand sexual pleasure for both partners,
  • Create an experience of profoundly merging in an ecstatic union,
  • Deepen the intimate awareness of each other and the ability to truly see, hear and feel each other,
  • Take the relationship to the next level,
  • And much more!


My new online course Tantric Sex for Couples which was released earlier this week will teach you all of that and more! This program is a true game changer in the world of romantic relating and couples. This is also the most straightforward path to more joy, love and sexual satisfaction in your life together!


To celebrate the launch, I’m offering the entire course at a 70% discount until Sunday.

Use coupon code ECSTASY to claim the reduced price and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of magic!



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