Josh was a very slow and attentive lover. In fact, whenever I was with him, the whole world just seemed to slow down, luxuriously basking in each moment, relaxing in an awareness that there was absolutely nowhere else to be and nothing else to do.


He adored my body and I adored his touch. I particularly enjoyed the attention he gave my breasts. He loved to caress them with his hands, lips and tongue. And he was not in a rush either. He was either fully aware of just how much stimulation a female body needs in order to build up enough arousal, or he was indeed enjoying himself so much he did not want to move on. In either case, what he was doing was working great!


I still remember the first time he gave me a nipple-gasm.


We were playing in his bed and he was really taking his time with my breasts. I was lying back and enjoying his touch. My body kept relaxing and opening up more and more to the pleasure he was giving me. I was letting out satisfied sounds and my body was gently undulating on the mattress.


My excitement was slowly building up as I felt strong, electric energy shooting down from my breasts to my genitals. I was absolutely loving the pleasure he was giving me; the stimulation was absolutely perfect. His touch was not too firm and not too light. I could feel myself getting wet while delicious heat was spreading through my vagina. I did not want him to stop!


And then it happened!


The erotic charge in my breasts exploded through my chest as the pleasure was almost too much to handle. A warm wave of a loving energy kept expanding through my system, starting in my heart and then rippling out through my body. I was mind-blown, I was in a trance, I was floating in a deeply orgasmic state as my whole body was trembling in ecstasy.


When I was finally able to control my muscles, I reached out and held Josh tight, his chest firmly pressed against mine, both of us swimming in the golden glow of my nipple-gasm.


Next time you are with your lover, make sure to spend more time with her breasts than you usually do.


Remember not to go for her nipples too quickly; they are very sensitive and will become much more ready for touch once she is aroused. Caress, massage and lick her breasts while checking in with her about the pressure and speed of the stimulation. Many men use way too much pressure on the breasts, which can actually turn her off. Women usually complain that their partners do not know how to touch their breasts, so keep seeking feedback.


Experiment with different kinds of touch and strokes. Be curious, ask her what she enjoys the most and how she touches her breasts herself. Learn about her breasts and about how they respond to stimulation. I promise that you will make your lover one extremely happy and satisfied woman!


– from “Legendary Lover: 6 Essential Steps to Having Great Sex” by Helena Nista


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