– Mantak Chia

Years ago I would look at this sentence and think that the author was delusional. I mean who could have sex for this long?? My lovers up to that point made love to me for an average of 10 minutes – including foreplay. Often less than that. How many thrusts is that? Maybe 200?… But it was hard and fast and for me, painful.

And the ‘loving’ bit – what made a thrust loving? How could you tell? From my perspective there was nothing loving about the thrusts I was receiving. I was allowing my lover to use my body for his pleasure while I would sort of check out and wait for him to finish.

It all changed when I entered the world of Tantra and started studying the techniques of tantric lovers. Exploring sacred sexuality, using breath and awareness for more pleasure, opening up my body and my sensuality has been truly beautiful. But being with tantric men rocked my world in more ways than one!

Sex became an immersive experience full of passion, pleasure and connection. I discovered new levels of bliss and orgasmic ecstasy. And I couldn’t check out anymore because my partner’s focus and gaze was keeping me present and alive in bed.

For the first time ever I started to experience his penis as present and healing. And his thrusts as pleasurable and loving! … particularly as he kept building my arousal over a long period of time and using many, many thrusts… Yes, MANY more than 200! AND they were way slower than the ‘hard and fast’ guys.

This is something that I go into in greater detail in my Tantric Mastery for Men online course.

They say that women crave GREAT sex even more than men do. The thing is, most women aren’t getting great sex. So for the men out there, practice conscious loving thrusts and so give the women you’re with a truly amazing experience!


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