Master the Art of Lovemaking & Learn how to Blow His Mind Every Single Time

How to Pleasure Him is a unique and all-encompassing journey into exciting, thrilling and satisfying your man in the bedroom. You will receive tools and techniques necessary to get immediate results in order to fulfil and satisfy him anywhere and anytime.

How to Pleasure Him Is For You If:

You Want To Understand Your Partner Better in the Bedroom

You want to understand his body and how to pleasure him better. You want to know exactly what he desires in bed and how to give it to him.

You Feel Frustrated that Sex Feels Flat or Disappointing

You know just how amazing it feels to have great sex on a regular basis but you feel disappointed when it feels repetitive or boring.

You're Ready to Become an Exquisite Lover

You’re ready to learn new ways to reignite the fun, pleasure & passion in your sex life with him. You’re keen to embrace your inner erotic goddess. 

In This Exclusive, 5-Part Video Training, You’ll Learn How To:


Become Confident as a Woman & as His LOVER

When you know exactly how to touch, pleasure and satisfy him, there’s no need to doubt yourself in the bedroom.


Touch A Man In All The Right Ways

So he reaches heights of erotic pleasure (instead of fumbling around or wondering what to do).


Create Sexual Experiences that Are Full of Passion

Learn what exactly makes sex feel hot, fun & exciting, so that you leave him mind-blown every time.


Have Him Completely Hooked on You

A woman who knows how to touch & caress her man masterfully is a woman whose man never strays.


Give Him Toe-Curling Orgasms Easily

Learn how to stimulate all his erogenous zones in a variety of delicious ways that will leave him moaning in bliss.


Transform & Upgrade Your Sex Life

With your new skills & techniques you both will experience a lot more ecstatic pleasure & blissful passion together.

Because What Matters Is…
You want sex to feel magical. You want to share powerful sexual experiences with your lover that will leave you feeling connected, fulfilled, and deeply satisfied. This program gives you everything you need to get you there (and more).
“I Will Keep Recommending This Course”

Thank you, Helena! The tools you’ve offered me are priceless and my gratitude is never ending. My husband says that this is the best sex of his entire life!

~Monica Price

Helena Nista Sex Therapist
Hi, I’m Helena!

You might recognize me from my popular YouTube channel – I’m a certified Sexologist and one of Australia’s leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners.

Here’s the thing – I know what’s possible for you, and it’s so much more than you even realise. You might be thinking that you’re not one of these lucky women that can blow a man’s mind in bed effortlessly. You’re wrong! Anybody can learn how to create amazing, out-of this-world sexual experiences for him.

And I want that for you. Which is why I created this course. So that every woman can become fantastic in bed, and experience masterful sex and legendary love.

Here’s Exactly What You Get Inside The How to Pleasure Him Online Program:


Lifetime Access to 40 easy-to-follow videos where I break down the essentials of becoming a masterful lover to him and teach you everything you need to know.


Practical, step-by-step homework practices to help you implement what you’ve learnt and master the skills in the program.


Instant access to a private member’s area where you can watch all of the content, follow exercises, and ask questions for further support.


My personal recommendations and favourite products, resources, and tips to equip you with the best tools to support your home practice and your sex life.


Private email access to me where you can ask questions and reach out for personalised support (I’m with you every step of the way).



100% Money Back Guarantee

How to Pleasure Him has a 7-day, super-easy money back guarantee.
Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch the videos AND perform the homework practices. And if you aren’t completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent.

These tools & techniques consistently attract 5-star reviews from my clients which is why I know that you’ll love them too! So go ahead and give yourself the gift of becoming fantastic in bed, knowing that you’ll be able to satisfy your man completely!


Let’s Take A Look Inside How to Pleasure Him:



The Foundations of Being Fantastic in Bed

All great things start with a solid foundation. You will be learning about the mindset and the fundamental aspects of what it means to be a great lover.

You will understand what might be blocking you from reaching the fullness of your erotic expression and you’ll learn how to overcome that.



Understanding a Man & His Needs

Every man is different which makes understanding them more tricky but not impossible! In this part we’ll be diving into what men truly desire in bed, how to give them that, what struggles they often face and how to help him reach deeper into his erotic and orgasmic potential.

Plus, what you absolutely need to know in order to be his erotic goddess!



Making Sex Great

So what does it actually mean to make sex great? In this section, you’ll be exploring different male desires and fantasies. You’ll learn what men truly yearn for when it comes to erotic experiences and how to play with a variety of different sexual tools in a way that is fun, delicious and enjoyable for both of you. 

You’ll also learn how to invite him to open his heart during sex for much more depth, connection and intimacy. 



Magical Foreplay that He’ll Love!

Foreplay is a crucial but underrated part of sex that is often skipped by men. But skilfully blowing his mind during foreplay is a sure way to set you apart from most.

By teasing him and exciting his senses with your confident touch before any penetration, you’ll have him beg you for foreplay every time!



Practical Techniques

Time to pull up your sleeves and lube up those hands! I’m going to show you how exactly to touch, stroke, caress, lick, kiss, massage, etc. his different erogenous zones.

You’ll learn more practical ways to pleasure him than you ever thought possible. And I’ll teach you how to use each one of them for maximum pleasure and satisfaction for him. He’ll absolutely love it! 



Additional Practices to Play With

Would you like to learn even more? You’ll find here 4 bonus sections:

  • How to help him last longer in bed,
  • How to make your anal experiences together amazing,
  • How to get kinky together,
  • The best adult toys to play with.

How to Pleasure Him is the Only Program that You’ll Ever Need to Become Fantastic, Masterful & Confident in Bed with Your Man

Have you ever experienced frustration as a woman, not knowing what to do in bed in order to give your partner a passionate, exciting and sensual experience?

Well, it’s time to take matters into your own hands!

Becoming a master lover is easy IF you know what to do. And this course will guide you step-by-step towards becoming fantastic in bed.

These skills will give you unshakeable confidence of knowing exactly what men yearn for in the bedroom and how to give them that.

It’s all right here waiting for you.

Don’t waste any more time on mediocre sexual experiences.

It’s time to learn how to satisfy him in a variety of ecstatic ways and how to take him where no woman has ever taken him before!

“Simply fantastic”

I’m getting so much out of this course! I appreciate you so much for spending your time to create it. Thank you so much for all your expertise and communication in this area!

~ Jess Lewis



Questions that Other Ladies Have Asked Before Getting Access

What if I can’t do the course right away? Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! You have lifetime access to the course, so you can go through it at your own pace, or come back to the content any time you like.

I have never done any courses like this before. Is this program right for me?

Yes, no matter where you’re at, this course will teach you everything you need to know from the basics of skilfully arousing him, right up to the more advanced techniques of masterful lovemaking.

Will I get immediate access?

Yes, you’ll get immediate access to the private Member’s Area and to the entire content of the course.

Do I need to have a partner to complete this course?

No, you don’t. While this course will teach you how to pleasure a man masterfully, you can successfully enrol in it and complete it even if you don’t have a partner in your life.

Everything that you learn here will prepare you to be amazing in bed with the man that you become intimate with in the future.

Will I learn to be more orgasmic?

This course does discuss your own sexual satisfaction and orgasmicness but this is not the main focus here. If you want detailed strategy and the most powerful practices to train your body to achieve deeply blissful states of orgasmic ecstasy, refer to my online course for women Orgasmic Empowerment.

Can I really learn how to be amazing in bed with my man?

Yes, absolutely! Even though most women don’t know a lot about pleasuring a man well, this is not rocket science. With my solid tips, advice and practices, you can start reaping immediate benefits of being a fantastic lover to him and satisfying your man effortlessly.