Some of the most common messages that land in my inbox request information about penis size and about increasing both the length and the girth of the penis. And since so many people still feel a lot of shame and embarrassment about discussing any sexual matters, most people don’t actually know what a normal or average penis size is. Or when an increase is actually needed. Or what are the best methods to grow the size of the man’s penis.


AND what penis size women actually prefer!

According to studies, penis size is the biggest concern that men typically have about their genitals. This issue has grown in recent years together with the popularity of porn because male porn actors are often chosen for the role due to their abnormally large penises. This can create an unrealistic image in the mind of the viewer about what a normal, standard or average penis size is. And this distorted view can then lead to a sense of insecurity or even anxiety about one’s own genitalia.


On top of that, we also tend to be surrounded by a media hype that “bigger is better”. And huge majority of men who do wish to be larger, have actually perfectly normal penises to begin with.


So, how big is an average sized penis?


When it comes to a flaccid penis, the average length sits at 3.6 inches or 9.2 cm. And the average circumference is 4.6 inch or 11.6 cm. And for an erect penis, the average length is 5.2 inches or 13.1 cm. The average circumference when erect is 4.6 inches or 11.6 cm.


HUGE majority of men fall within the average size. So, if you haven’t measured yourself yet, it’s very likely that you have a normal / average sized penis. But do by all means perform the measurement and let me know in the comments below how you went!


Please also bear in mind that the average size extends at least 1cm in each direction, meaning that while 5.2 inches or 13.1 cm is an average length of an erect penis, most men fall within the range of 12.1 – 14.1 cm and they’re still considered average in size.


The extreme penises (both large and small) are very rare


On the larger side, only about 2.5% of men have penises that are larger than 6.9 inches or 17.5cm.


And on the smaller side of the spectrum are men with a penis smaller than 2.9 inches or 7.5cm. These are considered micropenises and account for less than 1% of the population.


So before you give in to the larger is better hype, measure yourself and check the facts. Because the ideas popularised by media can hurt your body image and your inner sense of satisfaction as a man  and as a lover.


And before I tell you how to make your penis larger (if that’s what you choose to do), let’s look at what women actually prefer.


Just as all penises are different and unique, so are vaginas. Some women have longer vaginal canals while many have reasonably short ones. An average vaginal canal is a little shorter than an average penis. So keep that in mind when dreaming about a giant penis. Most women will not be able to accommodate you and you’ll likely end up hurting them.


A lot of women in my sessions, talk about experiencing pain during intercourse. And that pain is caused by the head of the penis hitting the cervix which is the back wall of the vagina. On top of that some sexual activities are actually much easier to perform and enjoy with a smaller penis, like for example anal sex. Or deep throating.


So while your ego might be craving a boost of a large manhood, your woman will likely thank you for keeping things average in size. Painful sex caused by a large penis will not be pleasurable for her and make her lose interest in having intercourse with you.


Having said that, some women do have longer vaginal canals and can enjoy a larger penis very much! But even they tend to say that it’s mainly the girth or thickness of the penis that is responsible for most pleasure and not necessarily the length. This is because the vaginal walls love the pressure. Plus it’s the first THIRD of the vagina that is most rich in nerve endings and capable of producing most pleasure for your lady.


But if after all that, you’re still sure you want to look into penis enlargement options, let’s see what’s possible.


Penis enlargement methods 


There are surgical and non-surgical options. The non-surgical methods include penile extenders and vacuum erection devices that can be used at home. The idea here is to stretch the penis over time until it becomes permanently longer. However, according to men who have used them in the past, none or barely any increase was actually noticed.


So this kind of treatment can cost of a lot of time, effort and discomfort for no results whatsoever.


When it comes to surgical penis enlargement methods, you could opt for a phalloplasty which involves cutting the ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone in order to let the penis hang more outside of the body. Or there are also penile injections that are meant to increase the circumference of the penis.


A word of warning here – a lot of men who have undergone these procedures, report very low level satisfaction with the outcome. And many others have been actually disfigured and had required a follow-up surgery to correct issues like scarring, lumps on the penis and erections that point downwards rather than up.


I truly believe that when it comes to the size, shape and function of our bodies, nature knows best! So any attempts at correcting it, carry a lot of risk, in terms of ending up with something worse than you started with.

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