I love to dance, I love to give in to the music, to flow with it and to express the sound through my body.

I love to feel the music vibrate through my entire system and I love how alive my body feels when I’m dancing.

And I absolutely love to have a strong, masculine partner who can lead me in movement.

I love to surrender to his hands and his body, allowing him to take me into amazing places and experiences.

I don’t have to think, I don’t have to decide, I just allow myself to be held and guided.

I immerse myself in music.

The dance becomes a trance-like experience.


Energetic polarity

The feminine essence in women yearns to surrender to the masculine. This is the basic idea behind the male-female polarity.

The more feminine the woman is, the more she will want to surrender to her partner, the more she will want to give in to his strength and presence.

This is the dance of Shiva and Shakti. The interaction between the active/masculine and receptive/feminine partner.


Modern women

I spoke to a few women recently. They expressed a very different idea.

They felt triggered and threatened by the idea of surrendering to a man, of being held by a man.

I was very interested in their personal reasons so I asked them: “Why?”.

One of them explained: “I’m afraid to surrender because I don’t think that he can hold me. I don’t think that he is strong enough. I can’t rely on him and I’m afraid to trust him.”


Being receptive to a man

Personally, I can’t think of a more beautiful thing than surrendering to a man, being held by a man.

I’ve been held and led by many different amazing men in my life and I joyfully and enthusiastically surrender to man’s mind and body.

Whether I dance, make love or make plans for the weekend, becoming receptive to my male partner is something I thoroughly enjoy.

This does not mean that I never get a say in our plans or actions – of course I do!

But I do enjoy allowing him to make it all happen.

This keeps him in control of things and that is very important to masculine energy.

Men thrive when having a mission, a goal. Men are wonderful at getting things done – although not always the way that we women might want them to! 😉


Feminine spirit

Women are amazing at other things – being creative, passionate, wild and spontaneous!

Women bring depth and emotion to man’s pursuits and direction.

We complete each other.

Yet in our world, women do their best to be like men – business minded, stoic and strong.

And while there is nothing wrong with these qualities – they don’t usually come to women naturally.

At the same time men become confused how to be masculine or are afraid of claiming their manly power. In the world where men are mostly responsible for wars, rape, guns, corporate greed, political lies, animal cruelty and all kinds of abuse and hurt, it can be scary and unsafe to be a man.


How to hold your woman

So here’s my piece of advice for the men – the more masculine you are, the more you will evoke the feminine in her.

The more you claim your masculine role in the relationship, the more you will call in her spontaneous, passionate goddess.

The more you hold your calm presence and take control, the more she’ll gracefully dance her love, joy and affection towards you.

Love, adore and worship your woman while guiding her and holding her tight.

Your peace and calm grounds her chaotic dance.

Your presence soothes her emotions.

In your arms she finds rest, comfort and relief from the demands of the world.

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