A lot of people struggle with the question: “Why does the flame of passion reduce the longer we’re together?” Despite our best efforts, it seems that nobody manages to escape the lowering libido and the reduced frequency of sexual encounters with their partner.

We all cherish the ‘honeymoon period’ with its high intensity of desire for each other and for intimacy. And then, once the normal reality sets back in, we often feel disappointed and confused. Not so long ago we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other! And now we’ll gladly exchange sex and lingerie for pizza and Netflix. Or worse still, for an evening apart from each other, to escape the company of our lover.

So what is really going on there? Why is this phenomenon so common? And is there anything that we can do to avoid it?

Well, there is an explanation. And it’s linked to the fact that our emotional state is a crucial component of our arousal. The more frustration and resentment we experience towards our partner, the more we’ll struggle with becoming turned on and passionate in the bedroom.

There is also a simple practice that can save us from digging ourselves into a dark hole of resentment. That resentment can actually build an emotional wall separating the partners and then lead to a sexless marriage. Please watch the video and use the practice at home as well. Learning about it is just the first step, doing it is what will create a real change.

Try this practice with your beloved as soon as you can. You’ll be surprised to find out what each of you is still holding onto emotionally.



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