A lot of men come to me seeking advice on increasing the strength and hardness of their erections. It seems that there is a prevailing perception out in the world that a penis should be capable of being rock-hard for a long time which fact then is linked to a man’s value as a lover. This perception is often intensified by the porn industry which never shows flaccid penises. This in turn sends a powerful message that a man should be always hard when in bed with a woman.


Fun fact: I once read that on any porn set, most time is spent waiting for the lead actor to get hard.


Many men also tend to compare their performance to their younger selves which in majority of cases will make them feel inadequate. Men in their 20s typically have erections that are strong, frequent and 100% dependable. But this will start changing at around age 30. However, if a man has no idea that this is a natural process, he might feel distressed and anxious about his experience.


There is also a range of conditions that will affect a man’s sexual stamina, erection and performance, like cardiovascular conditions and blood flow issues, diabetes, low testosterone, stress, alcohol consumption and even depression. So, it might be a great start to pay your doctor a visit and get a full physical to address potential health issues first.


Erections will naturally weaken with age, however, any man can slow down that process by taking a good care of his body and by being proactive with his sexual health.


So, what are your next steps to stronger, harder erections?


1/ Take care of your testosterone

Healthy testosterone level will have a strong impact on the quality of your erection. So make sure to support your body – limit sugar and alcohol intake, get plenty of restful sleep, limit stress in your life, eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough sun, etc.


2/ Let your inner warrior out to play

Typically masculine activities that stimulate your inner hunter/warrior energy will naturally drive your testosterone levels up. This can include practicing martial arts, resistance training such as weight lifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc. Choose the activity that you will enjoy most!


3/ Relax!

Relaxation promotes erections. So next time you find yourself tensing up in order to force your erection to get harder, try to keep your body open and relaxed.

Remember that your body knows best how to create best erections which is why men often wake up with a hard cock in the morning. Reason for that is state of deep relaxation that your body entered during sleep!


4/ Learn to feel your cock

A lot of sexual issues stem from a disconnection between the head and the pelvic area. There is a number of reasons why this might happen – past trauma, shame, inhibitions or even medical procedures. The best way to go about changing this situation is to deepen the sensitivity in your penis.

In order to do that, spend a few minutes every day breathing deeply and bringing your attention down to your cock. Once you can start feeling energy, pleasure and arousal there while performing this exercise (without any physical touch), you’ll know that you’re on the right track!


5/ Get out of your head

Performance anxiety can be a strongly inhibiting factor when it comes to hard erections. When you’re stuck in your head and stressing about your performance, you’re driving energy and blood-flow away from your genitals, weakening your ability to be hard.

Instead of putting pressure on yourself and pushing your body to perform better, bring your awareness down into your penis and simply FEEL all the arousal, excitement and erotic energy. This body-based approach will bring much better results than trying to force things from the level of your head!


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