Have you ever heard of slow sex? What comes to mind when you hear these words together? Slow – sex… What kind of scenes do you see when you picture it in your head? Can you even picture it?

When I first heard of this notion about 5 years ago, I was shocked and surprised. In my mind, these two words did not belong together. It sounded like a contradiction.

And I was sure as hell that I had never experienced it. For many, many years of my life up to that point, sex was always fast and frantic. Full of excitement, friction and rush. With foreplay almost non-existent since there was no point in wasting time on anything else than the main event – penetration. And even while my lover was inside me, it was all about thrusting, building up energy and arousal, until he finished in an ejaculation.

So discovering slow sex was quite challenging at first since it questioned everything I knew about sex up to that point. But it also brought unexpected rewards and delights.

Watch my video to learn more and then make sure to play with the principles of slow sex yourself. Or maybe you’ve already experienced it in your relationships?


P.S. Let me know your initial reaction to the idea of slow sex. And whether you’re planning to give it a go in your own bedroom!



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