There are orgasms… and there are full-body orgasms! The two aren’t the same, they feel different and they affect you differently – physically, energetically and emotionally. So if you’re curious what a full-body orgasm is and how to have one or give one to your partner, keep reading!


Whenever I’m asked what a full-body orgasm is, I’m a bit lost for words


And that’s because it’s extremely difficult to describe with language an experience that’s beyond anything that my mind could ever fully grasp. It’s a bit like trying to describe a new colour using just words – it’s just very, very hard 😉


But I guess the first thing here is to understand what an orgasm actually is because that will give you a gateway into its fuller potential in your body. So an orgasm is a release of energy, of a sexual energy. First we build up arousal and sexual charge and then eventually we get to a point where that charge is too intense to hold in the body, and the energy is released during an orgasm.


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When we tense up our bodies in bed, that orgasmic release will typically happen externally


Men release their sexual charge out together with the semen during ejaculation. And women release it externally through a clitoral orgasm.


But! both men and women can learn to re-direct that orgasmic release inwards and upwards, which will lead to experiencing a full-body orgasm – an orgasm which feels expansive, profound and deeply blissful as it keeps flowing internally through your entire system.


It feels like every cell of your body is orgasming!


And instead of leaving you feeling drained and disconnected afterwards, this kind of expanded orgasms feel nurturing, energizing and deeply pleasurable.


It feels like a difference between a genital sneeze and a waterfall of erotic waves and ripples flowing through your entire system. So if you’re ready to upgrade your orgasms from sneezes to waterfalls, I’m going to tell you how to do just that!


1/ relax your body

Muscle tension causes energetic blockages in the body and stops the energy from flowing freely. So make sure to keep your body relaxed and open. Particularly your pelvic area should be free from any muscular tension.


2/ notice the sensations

Placement of your awareness is very important here. Where your attention goes, that’s where the energy flows.

If your attention is firmly held in your genitals, it’ll be hard for your energy to flow and expand. So keep noticing the sensations in your entire body, even the most subtle ones!


3/ breathe deeply

Your breath is a magical tool. Your breath is what actually makes the energy move. So keep your breathing slow, deep and relaxed. Allow your breath to travel all the way down to your pelvis.


Also, don’t hold the breath at any point. Keep the inhale flowing immediately after each exhale and each exhale immediately after each inhale, etc. Like an uninterrupted circle of breath.


4/ visualisation

The mind-body connection is powerful so use it to your advantage! Imagine pulling your energy upward through your body. Visualise it as a moving, expanding and circulating wave of light or colour. Use any particular visualisation that you find most helpful.


5/ sound

And finally sound. Sound is a powerful tool because the vibration of the sound moves energy. So open your mouth as you exhale and let out a sigh, a moan or any other sound that feels natural and delicious to you.


A lot of people shy away from making sounds during sex or masturbation but they’re just missing out on a very potent and powerful experience.


How about you – have you ever experienced full-body orgasms? How did it happen? And were you able to re-create the experience?

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