Each time I mention cervical orgasms during public talks and interviews, I get a lot of surprised looks and questions. This keeps reminding me of how very few people are actually aware of what cervical orgasms are.


On one hand, this makes me sad because cervical orgasms are so incredibly delicious and every single woman should be experiencing them on a regular basis. But on the other hand, I myself didn’t learn about their existence until I began researching and exploring all sexual books, articles, programs, courses and workshops I could get my hands on back at the beginning of my tantric path.


So, what’s all the fuss about?


All orgasms are wonderful and delightful and I’m not in any way attempting to grade or classify them here. But in my own personal experience, there is something deeply potent, beautiful and out-of-this world about cervical orgasms. I like to refer to them as the Holy Grail of all female orgasms because of that depth of pleasure and bliss they offer. And in this article, I’m going to not only talk about the art of having one, but also about giving one to your partner if you don’t happen to own a cervix yourself.


Why are cervical orgasms so amazing?


Cervix is located at the back wall of the vaginal canal and it is the entrance to the womb. When touched and massaged, it feels like the tip of the nose. Because of its specific anatomy and biology, when stimulated, cervix can provide a woman with very different and distinct kind of pleasure and sensations, as compared to the externally located and much more familiar clitoris.


Cervix can be stimulated with a penis, with a dildo or with a finger (except for some women who have fairly long vaginal canals and can’t reach it with fingers). When stimulated, cervix produces blissful pleasure that feels deep, peacefully grounding and expansive. The sensations seem to be flowing outward in the body in a very profound way, like waves of the ocean.


The experience can put a woman in a state of ecstatic trance not just for a few seconds but for much, much longer.


Why don’t all women have cervical orgasms?


Most women have experienced years of aggressive, mechanical, disconnected, porn-inspired sex. The poor cervix is a highly sensitive creature which requires an appropriate level of pressure, speed and intensity of stimulation. However, if it’s been pounded for years without an appropriate level of appreciation and care, it will over time lose its pleasure potential and it will become numb.


What to do if your cervix is numb?


The good news is that any woman can re-sensitize her cervix. With enough time and patience, that precious sensitivity of all the nerve endings can be re-claimed and cultivated.


First of all, see if you can find your cervix using your fingers. Once you locate it, massage it gently, paying attention to any sensations you experience there. This can take some time and a few tries so don’t get discouraged if you can’t feel anything straight away.


An amazing tool for re-sensitizing the cervix is a rose quartz crystal wand and I would recommend it to any lady who is committed to re-claiming the full potential of her orgasmic cervix. I still use my pleasure wand to keep my cervix happy and activated and I consider my wand to be one of my most prized possessions.


Tip for the gentlemen


During intercourse, apart from the more familiar in-and-out movement, try also slowly sliding your penis deep inside the vagina and then use an up-and-down grinding motion, allowing the head of the penis to stroke and massage the cervix. This can take a while so don’t give up after 30 seconds!


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