A long time ago, I stumbled upon a very interesting technique that proved to have an incredible effect on my body. The technique helps to re-sensitize any body part and works particularly well for the genital area. I have been sharing this technique with my clients and friends for years now and the feedback has been truly amazing.


Through a variety of harsh or rushed sexual experiences we usually develop a certain hardness (armouring) in our genitals.


Its function is to protect the delicate tissue of the skin from friction. This is achieved by numbing the body’s response to touch. This protective function, however, also limits our ability to feel pleasure. Have you ever heard anybody say that they cannot feel a lot or any pleasure while having sex? That’s because their body has armoured itself in the course of ongoing aggressive, fast or friction-driven sexual contact.


Fortunately, our body has also the ability to de-armour itself. This is done through a regular practice of being re-sensitized. The technique I am about to share with you helps with exactly this issue and can be used for any body part, however, I will concentrate here on the genitals. The technique is called ‘breathing into your genitals’ and is as simple as it sounds.


Don’t be deceived by its simplicity though because it’s also extremely powerful when used correctly!


This technique can be practiced anytime as nobody will be able to tell what you are doing. I particularly recommend doing the breathing in five-minute blocks a few times every day.


You can practice whenever you find yourself in a situation where you can safely give some of your attention to your breathing practice. I usually do mine in the car, while watching TV, reading a book, listening to a lecture, studying, meditating, etc. I find it a bit more tricky to practice while I’m moving – going for a walk, shopping, etc., however, do give it a go if you feel like it!…


How to perform the practice:


As you take a deep breath in, imagine that the air you’re inhaling is flowing all the way down to your genitals. And as you exhale, keep your awareness there – in your pussy or penis. As you continue this practice, make sure that your breath is long, deep and full. It should not feel like an effort though, more like a deep wave of air flowing through your body in a full but relaxed way.


With every breath allow your genitals to relax more and more, being “filled” with the air you are inhaling – like a balloon. Feel your entire genital area opening up more and more, like a beautiful flower. Feel your muscles and tissues softening and your intimate bits relaxing, gently caressed by the air you are breathing.


The essence of this technique is becoming fully aware of the sensitivity of your genital area, which will keep growing and expanding while you’re breathing deeply. 


The combination of deep breath, muscle relaxation and placement of your attention in your genitals is a powerful combo! The effects are usually felt pretty quickly.


I still remember the first day I tried this practice – I did this breathing practice 3 times in one day, approximately five minutes each time. A few hours later I had sex with my lover and I just could not believe what was happening to my body! The incredible pleasure of having him inside me was more intense than ever before… Plus I was so wet, I actually thought that he might have already ejaculated inside me. I actually asked him whether he did but it was my own juice flowing more abundantly than ever before.


So there you go – so simple yet so powerful! Please do give this practice a go and let me know how it worked for you. I look forward to hearing your stories of pleasure, sensuality and joy!


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