There are many reasons why I love driving my car – it’s the ultimate “me-time”! I don’t need to do anything (other than drive), I feel relaxed, the car is comfortable, I get to listen to my favourite music or audiobooks… And!… I get to play with my arousal.


Typically, I’ll start with a few clenches of my pelvic floor, usually coordinated with the breath. This activates my muscles nicely, and increases the sensitivity of the area. Next, I’ll deepen my breath, while fully relaxing my genital muscles. With every inhale, I’ll keep sending more air, more attention and more relaxation into my genitals.


This kind of exercise creates sexual arousal.


And it feels amazing! As I keep noticing the warm, tingling, buzzing energy growing in my pussy, I allow myself to fully enjoy the pleasure. It doesn’t feel frustrating or like I need to do anything with it. I simply remain relaxed, breathing deeply and sending the energy up and out through my entire system.


After a while, my whole body feels nurtured, nourished, buzzing, alive…


And it’s the most delightful experience! Sometimes I’ll perform some tantric breathing techniques to consciously direct that arousal up my spine but at this stage the flow of energy feels quite natural and unrestricted all by itself. It’s like my arousal KNOWS where to go.


This kind of play is not just something I do in the car. I’ll do it while working on my computer, reading a book, talking to someone, meditating… Anywhere and anytime is fine. Every day and ideally – multiple times each day. It’s like an energetic boost to my system and to my mood!


In my sessions with male clients, I often find that they experience arousal as a frustration, a nuisance, a distraction, sometimes it can be even painful. And I find that erotic energy can feel this way when it remains in the genitals. You’ve probably heard of the “blue balls” phenomenon caused by unsatisfied sexual desire.


But it doesn’t have to be this way!


Men don’t have to suffer when their arousal cannot be released through ejaculation with the person they desire. They can actually look at a sexy woman, they can enjoy her form, feel excited by her… and channel that arousal into a full-body fulfilment!


They can walk away from her feeling nurtured by her beauty, not frustrated by it!


It’s not hard to move your arousal away from your genitals and to send it out into every cell of your being. It’s not hard to use it to create a state of deep internal aliveness and activation! Your body came equipped with everything you need to move and control your erotic charge – your breath, muscle control and placement of awareness are all you need to perform this task.


And if you want to learn more about tantric techniques of full-body bliss, check out my online course for men (Tantric Mastery) and for women (Orgasmic Empowerment).


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