I have orgasmed in public many times before.


(I guess that’s a phrase you don’t hear very often!). It has happened mainly with me as a participant during workshops, Tantra events and different sexuality courses. But more recently, these public O’s have taken on a new dimension for me…


I’ve been breathing myself to orgasm as a facilitator, in front of all participants – at first accidentally and then, on purpose. (If you’re wondering how it’s possible to breathe yourself to orgasm accidentally, ask me – funny story…)


I’ve been running more and more of my own workshops and talks recently. Doing this allows me an amazing freedom as I can teach and conduct my events exactly how I want to. Things don’t always go to plan, as different participants bring their own degree of familiarity with the topic and their own set of questions…


But mostly my events attract people who are completely new to Tantra and sacred sexuality.


Most of them have never experienced the fullness of their orgasmic power. More than that – they’re not even aware of what their bodies are capable of in the realm of pleasure and sexual bliss!


When I describe orgasmic pleasure rippling and vibrating like waves through the entire body, when I talk about circulating energy between partners and merging into one being with your lover, when I describe a state where you don’t know any more whether it’s your orgasm or theirs, eyes widen and jaws drop.


Some of the workshops include a presentation of the full-body orgasm and sometimes a presentation is requested.


And as I sit there before my audience, taking myself into a deep state of orgasmic activation, within a minute or two, my body starts to shake, my eyes roll backwards and my deep erotic moans dominate a completely quiet room. My whole body feels electric, every cell of my being is vibrating and full-body pleasure keeps flooding my system.


When I finally open my eyes, the facial expressions around me are varied – from fascination and joy to shock and utter surprise.


There are a few things I love about this practical demo…


First of all, this challenges popular beliefs and ideas about achieving orgasm. Second of all, it gives the attendees practical tools to do the exact same thing themselves. And thirdly, there’s a sort of transmission happening there where some of the people in the audience become orgasmically activated just from watching me.


Because the truth is that anybody can do it!


I don’t have a special body with some supernatural powers. Instead, I have learned how to connect to my deep orgasmic potential and how to activate my body through breath and surrender. And if you’d like to do the same, you can learn more in my Orgasmic Empowerment course for women. As a part of my Christmas Special, I’m offering the entire 7-week program at a 50% discount until 8 December with code: xmas50.


I truly believe that there’s a deep power hidden within a person who has fully activated and cultivated their erotic energy. I absolutely know that expanded, deeply ecstatic and profoundly nurturing orgasms are our birthright. And I believe that we can use our full-body orgasms for more pleasure, more connection and to manifest amazing things into our lives.


We just need to know how…


Orgasmic Empowerment for Women is a 7-week online journey that will take you from where you are now sexually to where you want to be and beyond! You will learn, you will practice, you will explore and you will transform. This program is very practical and each week you’ll be working with new techniques and tools of sexual healing and empowerment.

At the end of this path, you’ll come out feeling like a new, better, more sensual version of yourself. You will build confidence, attraction and charisma in your body. You will cultivate your sexual force and power, making you irresistible to men, whether you’re single and looking for a partner or whether you’ve been in a relationship for years and want to create more juice, pleasure and fun at home!


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