I love prioritizing myself and my pleasure in my daily life. I love creating special time for self-care and self-pleasuring practices. And I do believe that we would be much happier as a society if everybody masturbated regularly and consciously. Feeling pleasure and nurturing the body with sexual energy on a regular basis allows us to be calmer, happier, more focused, creative and kinder to others.


The body and mind full of happy hormones result in a joyful, mindful and peaceful human being.


My usual practice starts with some physical movement in order to bring awareness to my body. Next I do a breathing practice and engage my pelvic floor muscle. After that I give my entire body a loving and gentle self-massage. Feeling the warmth and softness of my skin feels absolutely delightful and who does not love being caressed?! Some days the self-massage feels so good that I keep going for a long time. Other days, I only do it for a few minutes.


Next I start a breast and genital massage. An important aspect of this stage though is the fact that the orgasm is not the goal here. Simply feeling the pleasure and connecting to the body with love while circulating erotic energy throughout is what it is all about. I simply flow with my body. Sometimes I just massage myself until I am satisfied. Sometimes I stimulate a lot of sexual energy and then spread it through my entire body, allowing myself to feel nurtured and rejuvenated. Sometimes I take myself all the way to orgasm and then rest in a trance-like state dropping into a deep, blissful relaxation.


One day recently, I decided to have a non-genitally focused self-pleasuring session. You know, just for fun…


I deepened my breath, relaxed my body and became aware of my breathing. I kept drawing the breath all the way down to my belly, then releasing it in a slow, effortless exhale. Within a few breaths, I felt sensations moving through my chest and shoulders. Gentle, vibrating sensations.


I started engaging my pelvic floor muscle in order to enhance the flow of energy through my body. I continued the breathing for another while – sensing my physical body, relaxing and searching for sensations even deeper, under my skin.


Next, I started to gently caress my arms, one at a time, using feather-like strokes of my fingertips. I wondered why I was not feeling a lot of energy in my lower body and I placed my awareness there. I immediately noticed a delicious flow of energy flowing down through my legs.


I also started experiencing emotions.


First sadness, deep, almost grieving sadness. After a while it passed and my mood became more neutral. Few minutes later I was laughing out loud, full of joy. As that wave of emotion passed again, I experienced some more sadness.


I was simply allowing myself to feel all that came up in my body – physical sensations, bodily awareness, flow of life force energy, different emotions. I was not judging anything, not labelling it as positive or negative, not giving myself a hard time because of things I was experiencing…


As I started to wrap up my practice, my body felt deeply satisfied, pleasured and nurtured.


Using the breath to move our life force energy is the simplest tool to use, yet it is so very powerful. Of course it is not the only tool. But when used to its full potential, it will enhance and intensify any experience.


As a very smart person once said: “change the way you masturbate, change your life”.


And if you’re ready to change how you masturbate in order to bring much more pleasure, expansion, satisfaction and bliss to your self-touch routine, explore my Masturbation Coaching online program!

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