When I first heard of a practice called ‘Golden Chalice’, it seduced me with both the experience it was promising me and with its name. Doesn’t it sound so lush, so feminine – Golden Chalice… Like a female version of ‘Holy Grail’!


This technique is designed to awaken your sexual charisma and to spread it out through your entire body until it permeates every cell of your system and radiates from every inch of your skin. It moves your arousal energy from your deep core and then out through the rest of your being until you’re feeling that vibrant erotic charge flowing through you freely.


This creates a sense of magnetic charisma in your body and gives you a seductive quality that people around you notice and react to.


It activates you in a deeply primal, grounded, yet sublime way. It gives your energy a mysterious vibe that others can’t usually understand, and find hard to resist.


So, as you’re probably suspecting, I immediately started using Golden Chalice in my daily life. I would practice it before going on dates, when going to meetings and even walking down the street. I’ve always loved noticing how it makes me feel, how it uplifts me and makes the world around me shine.


Depending on the day, I would get more or less intense results with it. Sometimes it would feel like it was making barely any difference and on other days I would feel like my body was on some kind of erotic high! I guess all depends on how much my body wants to play and how much energy I have available that day…


Golden Chalice was designed for women but men can also successfully play with it.


In order to experience it for yourself, sit down comfortably with your spine straight, without leaning back on anything. You’re going to need a bit of a flexibility of movement here.


Gently deepen your breathing and bring your attention down to your pelvic bowl. Now, very subtly, with awareness, start slowly moving your pelvis in a circular motion – as if it was a glass of exquisite cognac that you were swirling around. The movement doesn’t need to be large or fast, in fact, it should be almost imperceptible to an outsider.


As you’re doing that, imagine that the erotic juices in your pelvis are waking up and flowing around your pelvis, following your movement. Give yourself a few moments to really experience this movement. Make sure that your genital area is relaxed, make sure that you can really feel and experience the deliciousness of this delightful energy circling around.


And now imagine that the effervescent essence of this ‘liquid’ is starting to gently rise through your body. As you’re moving and swirling it, that erotic energy is beginning to slowly vaporize and move like delicious sparkly cloud through your entire system. Give yourself some time to fully delight in this experience, to savour it, to absorb it…


Notice how it makes you feel, notice the sensations in your body, notice how this affects the quality of your energy.


And now go outside and carry that energy with you. Pay attention to the way it affects your interactions with the world and give yourself a full permission to feel delicious!


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