At a recent dinner party, the conversation took us into the topic of our spiritual explorations. People were sharing how they first had become spiritual and what that meant to them. They were describing very touching experiences with meditation, energy healing and chakras. The mood was uplifting and joyful!

And then I shared my story. I took them on a journey of my spiritual pursuits that started early in my life. I talked about developing my psychic intuition, about learning to see auras, becoming a Reiki practitioner and exploring with shamanic herbs. But when I started talking about Tantra and merging my spirituality with my sexuality, everybody around the table wanted to know more!

I told them the story which is particularly dear to me, the story of meeting God through my orgasm. I told them how I trained my body and expanded my pleasure potential through my self-pleasuring practice and about different tantric techniques that allowed me to do that. My listeners were so fascinated, I ended my story by giving them all a simple practice to reach full-body orgasms through breathing.

When I was leaving the party, I wasn’t sure who had more fun – me telling my story or others hearing it!

So now I want to share this story with you. Please watch my video to learn how you too can meet God through orgasm:


PS. Don’t forget to watch the FREE Legendary Pleasure Masterclass! And once you learn and apply all the techniques taught there, message me about your experiences with it! xxx



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