I find it extremely valuable to look at my entire year and to assess how I’m doing as compared to where I was a year ago. And when I look at 2019 – I had a hell of a year!


I moved to Sydney, ended a long-term relationship, survived a full year of dating here (that in itself deserves a whole post which I will write soon!), went back to university and got a degree in commerce (still not sure why…), worked my ass of as a sex therapist, kept growing the Soulmate Speed-Dating brand, started running Tantra events on a regular basis, was invited to speak at a number of events and festivals, gave numerous interviews and have worked 1on1 with some truly incredible individuals – both in Australia and internationally!…


I also really grew as a person – recognizing and expanding my own personal power to create anything that I desire… A year ago, I still felt quite restricted in a few areas of my life that I have now tidied up and opened up to flow and abundance…


One of those challenging areas was finance. Even while making decent income in my business, I would still (almost automatically) put everything on a credit card and was bleeding money in interest repayments. That’s no longer the case! In 2019 I paid off my last credit card and have implemented a solid money management system. As a result of that, I have sent myself on a holiday to Laos this Christmas. And the entire trip was paid for from savings – what a great feeling!


I’ve also struggled with community in Sydney (another big topic which requires a whole different post!). Feeling lonely in a new big city has been difficult at times. I have a vast network of amazing friends all over the world but no amount of Skyping, Zooming and phone calls can replace the warmth and connection of face-to-face interactions.


Which is why I have recently said ‘goodbye’ to Sydney and I’m moving to the Gold Coast once I return from Laos. It’s time for a new adventure and I’m very excited about this new step…


If you’re on the Gold Coast, get in touch, I can’t wait to see you!

And in the meantime, have an absolutely GLORIOUS Christmas break


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