Last night I got the most amazing striptease of my life!
A few days ago I expressed to my partner that I’d absolutely love if he danced and stripped for me.
I think that it’s a really wonderful, playful and sexy thing for partners to do for each other.
I love watching and admiring my partner’s body and it doesn’t matter whether he’s a good dancer or not.

And last night he did it!
He made sure I was resting comfortably in bed (I had no idea what he was about to do!), he put music on and then walked into the bedroom with a big smile on his face and started dancing for me!
He made it a playful and sexy experience.
He didn’t take himself too seriously and visibly had a lot of fun, moving and acting funny in front of me.

The most amazing thing about it is that I had previously asked a number of ex-partners and ex-lovers for a similar thing.
But nobody had actually performed a private striptease for me because they all felt too self-conscious or embarrassed about the idea of dancing for me.

I had danced and stripped in front of my lovers, I had even recorded videos of me dancing in a sensual way and sent them to the men in my life.
I always thought that lovers absolutely should do sexy, funny, playful things for each other.

But last night for the first time it was me who received this kind of performance and it was AMAZING!
I loved every moment of it – I laughed, I cheered and I kept admiring his body.

And gosh, did I get aroused by his dance!
When he finally joined me in bed, our sex was HOT, HOT, HOT!
My heart was open wide and I felt deeply connected to him in the most loving, deep way.
I wanted to cry from joy, love and pleasure.
I wanted to hold him tight and never let go.
I wanted to merge with him and to feel him deep inside of me.

Don’t let your inhibitions and embarrassment stop you from having sexy fun together!
You don’t need to be a great dancer.
Put the music on, invite your partner to the bedroom and dance your heart out while slowly removing your clothes.
I bet you both will love it! 


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