I got a really warm response to my recent post titled “Nobody is coming to save you”. It seems that my determination to stop the Covid slow-down in my own life resonated with a lot of other people! Quite a lot of us have had enough of the lethargy dragging us down due to the pandemic.


As part of my desire to reclaim my old, pre-Covid self, I decided to go back to my favourite sexual practices. And one of them playing with my rose quartz pleasure wand.


I originally got my wand years ago.


Back then I was still in the process of healing a lot of my old sexual trauma and wounding. I kept using tantric practices to re-sensitize my genitals and the rest of my body. But the point of using the wand was to specifically work on my cervix.


Cervix is located at the end of the vaginal canal and forms an entrance to the womb. Stimulating the cervix pleasurably can lead to a cervical orgasm which to me is an absolute holy grail of all female orgasms! Cervical orgasm feels like waves of incredibly deep pleasure spreading slowly and flowing through my entire system, vibrating in my cells, overtaking my entire body, taking my breath away…


But recently I started noticing a loss of sensation in my cervix.


It seems that I’ve neglected it over the last few months. Or maybe it’s been responding to a low level stress and anxiety in my body caused by the unusual events in the world?….


First two or three times using my wand again didn’t bring mind-blowing results but I knew better than to give up too quickly. I continued my practice and it truly paid off! The fourth session of self-pleasure with my crystal dildo brought me into a trance-like state of ecstatic bliss and cervical orgasm.


It felt so good to be back!


I felt connected, sensual, erotic, cherishing my cervix together with the rest of my sensitive body. When I finally pulled the wand out of my vagina, I felt joy, love and happiness blissfully flooding my entire system.


A lot of women don’t realize what their bodies are capable of. A lot have never heard of cervical orgasms! Most women experience their cervix as completely numb and hence unable to feel any pleasure. This is due to years of mechanical, disconnected sex where the head of the penis repeatedly hits the cervix painfully, leading to loss of sensitivity.


The good news is that any woman can heal herself and reclaim the full orgasmic potential of her cervix.


Crystal wand is a particularly powerful tool to do that as it can easily reach and massage the depths of the vaginal canal, while activating the numb nerve endings and bringing back that natural sense of aliveness and pleasure.


Is it time to get your own pleasure wand? Check out my favourite Rose Quartz Pleasure Wands available through a supplier I use and trust. And enjoy your own orgasmic journey!!!



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