Since this whole pandemic started, I’ve been experiencing episodes of fear and worry…

What if I get sick and die?
What if someone I know gets sick and dies?
What if this Coronavirus hangs around for a very long time?
What if we can never go back to our normal lives?…


And there’s also that bigger, darker one…


What if I can no longer make any money? what if my business collapses and I find myself homeless?


I’m single which means that I don’t have a partner that I can rely on in tough times. My family lives on the other side of the globe and so I can’t just go crash at mum’s for a few months until I get myself back on my feet.

It’s scary to think that I might lose my house and income. My business is my only source of money and I’m currently cancelling all my in-person workshops and events.


I was speaking to a very wise friend a few days ago and he pointed out something very significant…
I’m actually really lucky and really well placed business-wise in the current situation. I’ve been moving most of my income online for the last 3-4 years and things are going pretty well there!

My online courses are powerful and popular. More and more of my clients opt for 1on1 sessions over Zoom and now I’m testing running my events online.


What if this is an amazing opportunity?…


What if this whole situation is an amazing opportunity for me to create even more amazing courses, programs, services, offerings and online events? What if this is a clue from the Universe to up my online game and create even more powerful services?

What if this is NOT the time to be scared but the time to be excited? What if I can turn this current situation from a scary inconvenience into an exciting opportunity?


And what if you can do the same in your own life?!


I recently posted a quote on social media about how you are the only person who can kick yourself out of paradise. This quote was related to a romantic pursuit where we look to our partner to make us complete, to keep us happy, to put us in paradise.

But, what’s also been occurring to me is that this quote is equally applicable in the current Corona situation. The virus, the fear and the anxiety can literally “kick you out of paradise”… if you allow it.


Reading the news, thinking ahead and trying to assess the whole situation would send anybody into a negative spin that typically ends on the bottom of a dark, scary hole – that’s what keeps happening to me anyway!

But I’m starting to see more and more clearly that we have a choice, that we don’t have to follow the negative feelings and that we can shift them.


Yes, it’s very uncomfortable to live in such uncertain times.


But!… I’m still alive, I’m still well, I have a home, my friends and family are fine, there’s money in my bank account and food in my fridge (plus a whole packet of TP in my bathroom!).

I have a say when it comes to how I feel. And I choose to feel safe, optimistic, maybe even excited.
Things are fine.
Everything always works out for me.
It’ll be all OK in the end.
I might need to make changes in my life for a while, but it’s all only temporary.
Maybe this is the Universe pointing my life in a new direction, stepping in to remind me what’s really important, giving me hints about great things ahead.


Because after all – this too shall pass…


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