I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to claim your right to pleasure. BUT!… if there’s ever a REALLY good time for it, it’s now. Whether you’re currently stuck at home due to the coronavirus or not, whether you’re alone, with your beloved or the entire family, pleasure is a great antidote to fear, worry, anxiety and a range of other heavy emotions.


Pleasure is healthy, it’s natural and very uplifting!


However, we don’t usually realise just how much the way we experience pleasure is linked to our childhood years. It’s usually during those early years of our lives that we first learn how to allow pleasure into our experience and how much pleasure we actually deserve.


If a child is allowed to play, care-free and joyous, free from premature responsibilities or grief, they’ll keep expanding their pleasure potential, allowing the body to feel more pleasure throughout their entire system. However, if a child grows up in a stressful environment, with angry parents, alcohol abuse, tension or sadness in the family, prematurely taking on responsibility to take care of others emotionally, their pleasure potential and its expression will be stifled.


During early years on my tantric path, I attended different Tantra and sexuality events and 1on1 sessions. And I realised that my own pleasure potential was restricted by religious guilt and shame, and that I was suffocating my own body energetically.


I was suffocating my own body energetically.


Being guided by experienced practitioners and therapists was life-changing, as I kept witnessing my own body transform and heal. Each time I was coming back home feeling more alive, more electric and more blissful.


The more I was growing the relationship with my body, the more pleasure I was experiencing. The more pleasure I was allowing into my body, the more my sensitivity was growing. And the more sensitive I was becoming, the more ecstatic my sexual experiences were.


As my gift to anyone who’d love to explore their relationship to pleasure in these weird, challenging times, I’m offering my online course – Masturbation Coaching – at 50% off.


It’s a powerful journey of self-touch, into sexual activation and bliss.


Click here to access the course and make sure to use code LOVE at checkout to claim the discount.

You can enrol and do the entire course from the safety of your home!

Enjoy your pleasure!!!


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